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Whats your awareness -Who is your DADDY do you really want them talking for you

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Do you really want them talking for you

Who’s your DADDY?

Hosted by Craig Sicilia

What do people know about your brain injury or what does society thing about brain injury, do people take a step back when you say you have a brain injury or do they embrace it. If they step back it’s no wonder if they say you look fine then they’re looking for the classic brain injury that has been represented by lawyers and social workers and pharmaceutical companies and doctors for several decades.  You may ask yourself why, here is the simple answer short and not so sweet. 

You = Money, any questions?

There are hundreds if not thousands who are getting filthy rich off your brain injury and many other disabilities.  It should be quite simple but they have it set up that you need a lawyer to get social security at 40% of what you have coming. To get L and I to pay, to get your insurance to pay, You ever wonder why it takes so long.  40% of 1600 is not as good as 40% of 30,000, that’s 600 vs 12,000 same amount of work and who pays. You do comes right off the top.  Social Security has no reason to give you benefits they hope you will just go away over 50% do then 50% of those who get denied.  Is it a wonder there are millions homeless and millions in prisons with brain injury.  Without the resources and support and funds we end up in a bad place.  Meanwhile so many getting rich and building a name for themselves in the name of brain injury services.  It’s like letting a drunk run AA groups.  Don't make since just equals lots of many and feeds many an ego.

[Franklin Roosevelt observed that: "The truth is found when men are free to pursue it"]