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Year In Review - Why Thoughts of Death Haunt Some - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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Going to share the year in review as i saw it, changes back steps and anything listeners might want me to share.  Let me know!!

Share the crazy thoughts that are the crazy music.  For many years all I could think about was death, and why I was left to watch a life that I thought was a good one torn apart by those i loved.  Rather than putting a bullet through my head i wrote a song which was over 550 songs ago.  The medical help i had though might of been concidered the best that was available I  tell you it sucked.

  They were at their worst, and some were thinking i was bi polor i was someone different everytime I saw them they caused so much damage to my well being.  Un-till i met a SLP Sara who knew what was going on and tried to help me understand and then my personal injury attorney tried,  Thats when i started trying to find others like me just wanted to find one person.  It took me a couple of months after i started but I met someone.  We were very different but i knew then I was not alone.  For the first time i knew i wasnt alone.  The BIA in my state with their lack of compassion I read right through them.  About money, prestege and bull crap.  So i started a group,, then a web site, and like a magnet it just kept happening .  This is my story and my songs that haunt my sould to this day.  I will be sharing my latest songs where I am at, and the nightmares that continue to this day..

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