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My Brain Changed. Now What?


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For brain aneurysm survivors, family, friends, and caregivers

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We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We enjoyed connecting with you and looking at your pictures of how you celebrated your Thanksgiving. Join us, as we talk about anxiety. We personally know what it feels like when you get a... more

Anxiety!!!! BLAH!!! Do you panic about having another Aneurysm or AVM? We have had those thoughts and experiences. Let's talk about it. Anxiety happens when the holidays come around or if you have to return to work or just trying to... more

Hello Everyone! The holidays are quickly approaching and we want to talk about what that does to a person with a brain injury. I enjoy this time of the year but there are some people who don't. Join us!

No filter part 2! Let's keep it going. I really enjoyed the callers who shared their experience about having no filter. Do you blurt out your truth in public? Do you curse out of frustration? I know I did. It happens. Join us! Below are some... more

The FILTER - Happy Halloween. We are gonna keep it fun! Are you like Barry? Do the WORDS JUST COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!! I know at times that happens. Let's have some fun Warning! We are going to have some not so PC... more

Hello Friends! Join Barry and I this weekend. Thank you all so much for calling in and giving us your feedback and your warm words of encouragement it is deeply touching. For those of you who live in Sacramento and beyond we have our... more

Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive.One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life. - Eleanor Roosevelt Why did I survive? Why me? Join us as Barry and I talk about living your life on purpose

Last week – Chris from Colorado called in to discuss his unruptured Aneurysm and AVM. And we had another caller – Luisa (I apologize if I spelled your name incorrectly). Her advice was sending your films to the larger... more

Hello friends! We love participation. Thank you to all of those folks who stepped up and went to your appointments. Love your courage! We know that sometimes going to the doctor can be scary, or that you may worry about the cost. We know... more

Join us for my Brain Changed. Now What? We want to hear your story. Do you have a community event or support group that you want to share? Get in touch with us