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My Brain Changed. Now What?


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Thank you again everyone for tuning in. WE appreciate you. Let's talk about our pet's and how they help us recover. Have you seen Barry's pet's? You have to see how funny they are. September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month!

We talked about how our lives changed after having an aneurysm. What kind of things have you experienced since your rupture or non rupture? Also, remind Barry about his pregancy story. Hee Hee! Join us

Open discussion. Let's talk about anything and everything. Having a brain injury is life changing. Does it take you some time to process information or has your life been the same? Let's chat about it

Hello Friends! Thank you so much for joining us. Last week we lightly touched on when your loved one goes through a traumatic brain injury, what goes on in your mind. Are you afraid inside that you might loose the one you love? Or did... more

Friends! How did your week go? Were you able to make some small steps? Take a step back? Let's chat about it

How did you do last week? Were you able to overcome an obstacle? Did you struggle? Let's talk about it! Join us!

HOLY CRAP!!! Talk about technical difficulties. Sorry about that folks. We are back. FEAR of your brain injury. We had a big response for this topic. I know after I had a rupture 10 years ago I had the fear of another rupture and created a... more

Welcome Everyone! The last time we talked our discussion was about moving forward and small goal setting. We are so glad you liked that part of the show. So let's continue that conversation. KEEP IT IN MIND! Have you signed up for our... more

Hello Everyone! We love the feedback. Thank you so much for listening to us. We want to make sure that we give you the best information about your brain aneurysm or AVM. We want you to move forward in life. Did you sign up for our... more

Hello Friends! We are having an open discussion about staying grounded when your life changes. We know how hard life can be. Let's talk about it. Also, we have our walk coming up in September. Sign up or pass it on... more