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A unique news and Information radio show with live guests who will be interviewed and allowed to share subject matter which they are experts in.

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Exposing the murderers of Toni Anderson and with the help of those God has led to me and shared in spite of the dangers. I do know one thing...IF anything happens to those who have revealed the truth...then those who do that are... more

How Ceasars Entertainment/Harrah's North Kansas City revenues enable North Kansas City Police Department rogue terrorist crimes against innocent human beings. This blog documents NKCPD crimes that are enabled by revenues from... more

Toni Anderson was murdered by domestic terrorist rogue thugs who represent the North Kansas City Police Department. Parkville is where Bill Ficken lives THEY and HE removed the memorial to Toni Anderson at the boat ramp. Why is... more

Look at the latest richardboydenreport.wordpres blogs "Toni... more

Repeat Program 2 Apologies again!

This is the information they don't like CLICK link https://richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/toni-anderson-raped-and-murdered-by-nkcpd-rogue-cop-bill-ficken-and-his-brothers-in-blue/ Continuation of program One Exposing the lies of KCPD and NKCPD etc etc etc.

Here is the info they don't like :) Do I care...really DO I CARE WHAT THESE SON'S OF SATAN THINK OR BELIEVE OR ARE THREATENTING ME WITH? After they covered up and lied about THEIR MURDER OF THIS... more

To expose the KCPD lies and the cover-up of those lies of her murder by domestic terrorist NKCPD rogue cop Bill Ficken and his brothers in blue. Addressing comments made in the context of the above and further expounding... more

Sharing about how Toni Anderson's murder has affected me and why and the reason I have shared what I believe to be true about her murder and by who.

This is a live program and continuuation of the 4/12 program which we had to record eariler as Pete Sanchez was called in to work unexpectedly. We will continue sharing the information about the abduction, rape and murder of Toni... more