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A unique news and Information radio show with live guests who will be interviewed and allowed to share subject matter which they are experts in. Investigative commentary exposing corruption and lies of government, individuals and sharing the spiritual foundation of Satan's new world order per the last days

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WARNING...GRAPHIC LANGUAGE OUT OF THE MOUTH OF KAREN SUE ANDRAS AND OTHERS...NOT FOR CHILDREN! Not only did she want me murdered by John Trudell her "lover" and head of the American Indian... more

Bill Bunting states that ALL women are "rape available" and should love being raped and ask for me when being raped. He stated that to this woman...a Native American woman he calls a CUNT and "Prairie Nigger"! Bunting also called... more

Program 3... connecting her to her "hero's" MURDERERS, RAPISTS AND PEODPHILES...the kind of animals she gravitates towards DOCUMENTED! SEE BLOG... more

TOOOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM IT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY CONCERRRRN See if her letter will fit here. Nope...will just read and comment for the RECORD :) !

THE LATEST ON THE DEMON OWNED SODOMITE BILL BUNTING! Bill Bunting has a LONG arrest record :) To be posted soon :) Where is the about me? From Karen Sue Andras? Any voice video from her about ANYTHING THAT... more

Truth DOCUMENTED! I don't lie like this Southern Poverty Law Center member and rape promoting pedophile friendly demon owned dirtbag named Bill Bunting AKA William R. Bunting Listen and learn the TRUTH about this disgrace to... more

CONFIRMED THAT BUNTING BEAT MY WIFE...WRONG MOVE DIRTBAG! https://richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/bill-bunting-felony-assaulted-and-raped-karen-sue-andras-and-almost-killed-her/ My blog connects more dots to Buntings murderous behavior including... more

Here is the latest link to what just happened with Bunting and other links of importance that exposes this animated and spawned by Satan lying demon in the... more

BLOG PAGE: https://richardboydenreport.wordpress.com/2018/09/26/radio-program-about-pathological-liar-and-son-of-satan-bill-buntings-rape-hero-bill-cosby/ WARNING! QUOTING BILL BUNTING'S FOUL MOUTH OF LIES AS THE... more