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Bougie Girl Radio is a fast-paced 30 minute "pep talk" designed to inspire listeners to go beyond their current circumstances. Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses life, love, career, and personal growth from an intuitive point-of-view.

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Bougie Girl discusses the themes associated with her One Act Play entitled "The A Game". Act One, Scene One (A man and woman are facing each other on a stage. There is both tension and overwhelming love between them). SUZY:... more

You are no good at relationships. You have a string of broken relationships and crazy exes to prove it. You are afraid that your lack of relationship prowess is an indicator of your unlovability. You warn potential significant others that you are... more

Not all men are cads. In fact, I would go as far as saying that a majority men are decent. However, we as women fail to acknowledge them because we take their kindness and good deeds for granted. The good men are the ones whom we run... more

Girl, I see you. You are sitting at home waiting for him to call you back. It is Saturday night and your friends have invited you to hang out, but the bar they want to go to is far from where you live. On the off chance that he calls, it would... more

You are looking for your "dream mate". You are tired of dealing with drama in your dating life. Yet, you know that raising your dating standards means that you will actually have to pull your own emotional weight. You do not know if you... more

Long ago, in a faraway medieval place lived the independent and outspoken Queen Alexandria. Queen Alexandria was content being single and taunting her would-be suitors most of whom were not her intellectual equal. She scoffed at... more

Rebound relationships can either be a casual fling or something deeper. They can teach us a lot about ourselves, unfortunately they also have the tendency to crash and burn.

You fell in love with an illusion. Partially, because he misrepresented himself and his situation. But, most of your swooning was the result of the qualities which you projected onto him. You needed him to be a certain way, so that you could justify... more

She has issues. Lots of issues. The aforesaid issues stem from events which occurred long before you came onto the scene. She seemed so fragile at first. You offered her friendship and then it turned into something more.You turned a... more

You have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and sold a bad bill of goods. He blazed into your life making a whole bunch of promises and in the beginning he made good on them. As time went on, his true self emerged and you witnessed... more
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