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Bottled Business Sense provides practical business perspectives that uniquely emphasize both legal and media marketing strategies to protect and insure the longevity of your business. Whether you’re trying to provide a startup business with some level of stability, or an established business with fool-proof asset and estate protection, or simply attempting to get a better return for your business marketing dollars, Bill Bernard and Rick Moscoso will expose potential pitfalls to insure the security and growth of your business, free from unwanted expense and the threat of litigation. You’ll learn how to implement marketing and protection tools equal to those used by today’s most successful corporations. *All calls answered during live shows will be responded to in the comments section under that show at: http://www.bottledbusinesssenseshow .com

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There are numerous ways in which manufacturers or owners of a product or service arrange to have it sold to the public or wholesalers further down the line of distribution. But by far the most common method is to utilize "distributors" who normally are independent entities who seek sales, pay their own expenses of business, and either buy the product for resale at a markup, or simply process orders. Are you familiar with distributor agreements and whether distributors are applicable to your business model? Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com bill@wfblegalconsulting.com 949.698.6222 Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com rick@captivate365.com 949.667.1182 The Bottled Business Sense Show provides practical business perspectives that uniquely emphasize both legal and media marketing strategies that protect and insure the longevity of your business.
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The objectives of agents acting under a power of attorney can be frustrated when banks, brokerages, or title companies refuse to accept the authority granted to the agent under a duly executed power of attorney. This can happen even... more

An intern is not someone you simply elect to work for you and not pay. If the person is working for you, they are an employee and the Labor Code will apply. However, there is an exception to the Labor Code that allows true interns or... more

There's a gambling saying that goes something like, ?If you want to be a winner, you have to walk away from the table a winner. Asset protection planning is all about taking chips off the table in good times, so that you still can walk... more

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http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com Prescription drug abuse has made national news in the last few years. In fact, prescription opioid abuse and the heroin epidemic claims the lives of tens of thousands of Americans each year. This... more

With the end of the year lurking just around the corner, the time has come where you must tie up any loose ends regarding the financial and legal aspects of your business. Ending the year the right way will give you the security you need to... more

When unmarried couples live together for a while, it is likely that they accumulate a good amount of property. In this case, it is in each person's best interest to write out a property agreement that spells out who owns what and how the... more

Asset protection trusts are available in several US states, such as Nevada, Delaware and Alaska and in foreign countries, such as the Cook Islands and Nevis. Their purpose is to keep assets out of the hands of creditors. But do you... more

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A primary benefit of LLCs is that they insulate the property owner from personal liability in the instance of slip-and-falls and other negligence claims. But could the LLC still be subject to a claim and how so? What about creditors and tax... more