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Bottled Business Sense provides practical business perspectives that uniquely emphasize both legal and media marketing strategies to protect and insure the longevity of your business. Whether you’re trying to provide a startup business with some level of stability, or an established business with fool-proof asset and estate protection, or simply attempting to get a better return for your business marketing dollars, Bill Bernard and Rick Moscoso will expose potential pitfalls to insure the security and growth of your business, free from unwanted expense and the threat of litigation. You’ll learn how to implement marketing and protection tools equal to those used by today’s most successful corporations. *All calls answered during live shows will be responded to in the comments section under that show at: http://www.bottledbusinesssenseshow .com

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Bottled Business Sense Show In order to establish a constructive discharge, an employee must plead and prove he or she was compelled to resign. However, in order for this to be actionable, you must typically demonstrate that you were... more

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http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com EMPLOYMENT LAW Employers are allowed to set standards for employee conduct, and they can require that workers keep a clean criminal record upon hire. As an employee, disclosure laws vary by state... more

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http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com A recent Supreme Court ruling holds that the Affordable Care Act authorized federal tax credits for eligible Americans living not only in states with their own exchanges but also in the 34 states... more

Company ?culture,? or in other words the atmosphere you generate as a business owner, now plays a large role in enticing prospective employees to join your business. What a business offers an employee from a developmental standpoint... more

http://bottledbusinesssenseshow.com If you're running multiple business projects, you've probably wondered what's the best way to structure all these ventures. Should you form one corporation to cover them all? Should you form an LLC for... more