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Bottled Business Sense provides practical business perspectives that uniquely emphasize both legal and media marketing strategies to protect and insure the longevity of your business. Whether you’re trying to provide a startup business with some level of stability, or an established business with fool-proof asset and estate protection, or simply attempting to get a better return for your business marketing dollars, Bill Bernard and Rick Moscoso will expose potential pitfalls to insure the security and growth of your business, free from unwanted expense and the threat of litigation. You’ll learn how to implement marketing and protection tools equal to those used by today’s most successful corporations. *All calls answered during live shows will be responded to in the comments section under that show at: http://www.bottledbusinesssenseshow .com

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Whether property is funded into a trust is primarily a matter of intent. With every comprehensive estate plan you should include not only an ?Assignment of Personal Property,? which explicitly states that all personal property is intended to be funded into the trust, but also instructions as to how all other types of estate assets should be transferred into your trust. In this show, Bill and Rick discuss how each asset "type" is funded and what you should have prepared to ensure that end.
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Some employers discipline their employees by docking their pay or putting them on unpaid suspension for violating workplace rules. However, such a policy can create big problems if the employee whose pay is reduced is exempt from such... more

Are You Social Selling Your Business? Social Media isn't just for kids anymore. It's a powerful strategy for every small business owner and entrepreneur. It's no longer an option. It's a way to attract talent and customers, help you sell your... more

Arbitration is a method to resolve disputes outside of court. Often times it is contract-based. Did you know that many times employers make job offers contingent upon signing such agreements? Have you wondered whether an... more

An Advance Healthcare Directive enables California residents to authorize someone to make healthcare decisions on their behalf in the event they become disabled or incompetent. Join Bill and Rick to discuss why this estate planning... more

In order to protect yourself from transactions which occur during the course of your business, every contract you enter into on behalf of your business should be in writing in order to cement the terms of the contract in a form that is less... more

The answer to whether or not the beneficiary of an estate has any say in the management of that estate depends on the document under which the beneficiary is to acquire rights in the decedent's property (i.e. Living Trust versus a Will).... more

There are many scams that are ongoing in the small business asset protection world. Simply, there is much false information spread about concerning business credit issues and even so-called protection ?policies? sold by non-licensed... more

Even the most conscientious employer occasionally needs help from a lawyer. Although you can handle some employment matters on your own, a great many issues are particularly tricky and require legal expertise. Employment law can... more

Social Media is a valuable platform to communicate with your audience and a great way to provide value to your target market. Unfortunately, it's also a popular way for scammers to "Phish" for their next unsuspecting victim. Rick and Bill... more

Do you know how to implement the proper classification of your employees? Are you making sure that your supervisors are receiving proper training before dealing with employee issues? Are you aware of how vacation policies and overtime... more