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"I have rolled out a jobs plan that emphasizes small businesses as the backbone of the economy in our state and emphasizes agriculture, which is hampered at every part of the process by corporate ag. I will work with both sides of the aisle to come up with solutions that work for all sectors of the economy, not just the biggest corporations and the wealthiest individuals. ?I think after tonight everyone can see that there is a crystal clear choice for Montanans on Nov. 4 between Congressman Daines, the most extreme congressman Montana has ever had, or myself, a woman who is truly one of us, who understands our struggles working month to month without ever getting ahead because D.C. policies tilt the playing field against us at every turn. Amanda Curtis Daines said he has a background different than those of nearly every member of Congress. He talked about watching his parents start a construction company in Bozeman, graduating in engineering from Montana State University and putting his problem-solving skills to use in the private industry before he was elected to the House in 2012.?I will stand with the people of Montana, not with Obamacare,? Daines said. He called for fixing the U.S. health care system in other ways such as through tort reform to limit medical malpractice lawsuit and urging people to start health savings accounts Billing Gazette

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Politics Sunday is a hard news look at the past week and the upcoming week in the political world with commentary and insight into polling tends.

President Obama signed into law today the Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010. This is the first time in American history that a tax bill has a Class designation. Where is the Workingclass Tax Act or the Tax for Poor ?

This morning we take a look at the Julian Assange case and press freedom,the House passage the Bush Era Tex Cuts and what is it means for Liberal democrats and the Tea Party Movement

MidWeek looks at the political world from the week's halfway point.

Jamie and Gladys Scott both went before the Mississippi Board of Pardons and Parole on Monday, December 13, 2010 . Results from this hearing are unknown at this time. Please continue to call and e-mail governor Haley... more

This Week in Politics with Jerry Pippin takes a look at President Obama's Tax Cut Compromise from the prospective of Senator Bernie Sanders Independent of Vermont with his "“tax cut filibuster” for 8 1/2 hours and remarks from former... more

Questions are raised about police handling of tuition fee protests after a car with the Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall inside was attacked. Lib Dems Leader Nick Clegg Lib said the party is "united" despite Thursday's rebellion over... more

We look at the political world from the week's halfway point. This MidWeek,the 2010 midterm election and what is means. Senate leaders are to begin debate on a tax package Thursday Alaska judge will decide by Friday a case that will... more

WikiLeaks is the victim of a virulent attack launched by right-wing American lawmakers and their supporters in the media, and commercial entities such as Amazon and PayPal, which caved in to the pressure. But more fundamentally,... more

This Week in Politics is a hard news look at the past week and the upcoming week in the political world with commentary and insight into polling tends.
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