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Boss Hoss


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Get ready for a revolution in your mind. Get ready to rethink everything you've always thought on politics, god, relationships and everything else that is important to you. Get ready for the new YOU: bold, free, happy! Are you ready?

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From welfare to seat-belt laws, from zoning to Social Security numbers, from "public schooling" to alcohol prohibitions, from taxation to regulations, the government has turned itself into a devouring nanny. Let's put an end to it,... more

From cell-phones to matresses, from cars to liberty, from calculus to the American Revolution -- none of these would have been possible if the Arabs had not brought Aristotle back to Europe in the 10th century and brought us out of the... more

If you want a blueprint on how to run your life, figure out what Jesus would do -- and then do exactly the opposite. This guy seriously had a morality for the meek and miserable, but life should be loads of fun. Reality is a playground for the... more

The Earth is warming (maybe), but it's not because of human emissions -- at all! It's because of the sun, water vapor and the Earth's orbit. Why are shysters such as Al Gore promoting this biggest of mondern-day hoaxes? Because they... more

You're constantly being told by family, friends, co-workers and the government what you SHOULD do with YOUR life. But, you know, life is all about YOU YOU YOU. Don't let people "should" on you. Let's talk about that.

What is life all about? Wrong question. What is YOUR life about? What is love? Can it be defined? Yes. What is liberty? Can it be defined? Yes. Our founding fathers made some mistakes, and that's why we're having so many problems.... more