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Saturday surprise with ebony

Battle with us tonight /join the Cypher with Cody Love Jay smiles and a few others

Yoooooooo, it's me, ya girl Queen Lucky holding down the one and only, "Throwback Thursday" with Boom Live Radio. Tonight, we talking, "Anything Throwback". So it doesn't matter, we can take it waaaaaaaay back. We can talk... more

We are the Cannibinoid Chronix( a group of 2 which includes me Dustin and my partner in music John), coming out of the Kootneys British Columbia Canada, Me coming from South Canada in Ontario, and John being born in British Columbia,... more

Come kick it with Kings & Queens

Monday Madness. Tonight's topic "IS AGE REALLY JUST A NUMBER" Come share your thoughts on the subject with everyone. Second half of the show we will do what we do best Bring the Madness and more lol. Hope to see you there!

Last year we had am show about Street Life and Reality Checks and it went well. So we are going to do it again. In order for us to progress we have to fix us first by saving our young and letting them know that we have been on the... more

Tonights topic is: Do you think its ok for your adolescent kids to watch gay promoted movies? How does one become gay? Is it a taught lifestyle or do you think people are born gay? All will respect everyone's views and... more

Join Fasho J and Queen Nee on Free4All/Freestyle Friday. Anything can happen, Cyphers, Rap Battles, Humor, Laughter all wrapped up in one show. So if you got what it takes bring the best bars you have and get in the battles along with your... more

Yooooooooooooo, it's ya girl Queen Love, coming through bringing you Throwback Thursday! Tonight's topic is: How Smart Are You? I will be quizzing you guys on different topics. From Math, Science, English, Social Studies an... more