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We speak adult and provide honest talk for baby boomers and other generations of active retirees. Listen to correspondents in Florida and around the world discussing subjects vital to all adults. You can be part of this biweekly hour-long program by becoming a BPR correspondent and sharing your passions with other seniors. Just email us at

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This is one program you can't afford to miss. Few things frighten us more than dementia and Alheimers Disease, so education is so important in providing facts and support for the families and victims. Today we will see this disease... more

Is it really possible to lose more than 100 pounds and keep it off? How do we protect our computers from hackers? Do you have a memory of something crazy you did in your past? Are senior singles having more sex today than ever? Join... more

What should you consider in buying a new computer? Why would a Boomer become one of the oldest new firemen in America? What is the truth about the senior single sex scene? Why is genealogy becoming so popular and how do... more

Have you ever wondered what vampires, truant officers, firefighters, the sexual behavior of active retirees, genealogy and lie detection have in common? Well today's fifth episode of Boomer's Plus Radio brings all of those topics together... more

Do you know what naval aviators consider the three greatest experiences in life? Although not necessarily in this order, former pilot Jim Stark says number one is landing on an aircraft carrier, while the other two are having a good bowel... more

What do Mah-Jongg, weird criminal stories, hospice and death have to do with one another? Well, listen to this third edition of Boomers Plus Radio and you'll find out. You'll also learn about identity theft, fraud, scams and lie detectors. And to... more

Every show features co-hosts and award-winning authors Mark H. Newhouse, (Author's Beat) and Lois Podoshen hosting correspondents from all over America sharing their passion about informative and entertaining subjects vital to... more

The producers of Author's Beat wish to thank you for listening to our previous 65 programs. They will remain in the archives. But now, co-producers Don Canaan and Mark H. Newhouse, as well as co-host Lois Podoshen invite you to listen... more

Can a pencil really last for 35 miles? How would you go about proving that fact makes for an inventive fun book, How a Lemonade Lid Changed My Summer by Sharon Solomon discusses this fun adventure and the creation of her historic... more