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The Boomer and The Babe Radio Network is home to several featured shows: The Boomer and The Babe (Global Edition), The Boomer and The Babe Show (Sun City Edition), Straight Down the Middle Show, Pathways to Wisdom, Automotive Advice for Women, Wealth DNA, Success or Failure, Healing in the AfterLoss, and Radiant Design Living. The show hosts talk with authors, athletes and actors, doctors, teachers and coaches, religious and spiritual practitioners, educators, entrepreneurs, sports figures, golfers and aficionados in all walks of life, all in a casual relaxing style.

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The Wealth DNA radio show will have Teresa Ghilarducci, PhD as the featured guest on April 28, 2014 at 9:00 AM PDT (12 noon EDT). The show will focus on MyRA's and GRA's vs. IRA's and 401(k) plans. The MyRA (My Retirement... more
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Harley Earl's story is a force to be reckoned with and the current leaders at GM are still standing in the way of it being told. This is one of the primary reasons why General Motors needed the bail out. Are they destined to repeat history... more

Dr Troy Anderson, Neurologist, ounded Phoenix Neurology and Sleep Medicine in 2006. His practice has flourished six neurologists, two neurology hospitalists and four neurology clinic physicians. He opened his sleep lab in November,... more

This Arizona Friday show will cover politics and will again feature Matt Bunk. We will tee up the November General Election. We'll discuss the Arizona Tea Party, the struggles the Independents are having with the proposed... more

Our guest today is Viki Kind MA, Blogtalk show host and author of The Caregiver's Path to Compassionate Decision Making - Making Choices for Those Who Can't." Call or chat in with your questions about caregiving, making... more

Ron "The Ronald" Nawrocki is an Author, Investor and Real Estate expert and one of our Boomer series Book authors. Ron will will kick off his show series today with conversation about investing strategies. Ron will also... more

Boomer Series Author and Show Host Paul Herrmann will be our guest today to dicuss the "new look of retirement". Retirement as we once imagined it and witnessed it with our parents, is much different in the "new mormal" that is... more

This is a monthly show on The Boomer and The Babe Network. Terry Munther DEu is a successful businessman and co-host of the show as well as instructor in the Success or Failure Workshops. Tom Loegering is a Serial Entrepreneur... more

Ron "The Ronald" Nawrocki is an Author, Investor and Real Estate expert and one of our Boomer series Book authors. Ron will be our guest today to introduce his forthcoming book and his new program on The Boomer and The Babe... more

Kimber Lanning is the Director and Founder of Local First Arizona. Local First is dedicated to local businesses and people that are loyal to supporting them. If residents of every state, county and municipality would undertake a 10% shift in... more

Dr Melanie Lane is a Geriatric Specialist that has given up her medical practice to concentrate on preventative medicine and coaching for greater wellness. She is a fully credentialed physician that is finding greater satisfaction in helping people... more
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