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  • Spotlight Brian Freeman: Night Bird

    in Books

    Homicide detective Frost Eaton doesn't like coincidences. When a series of bizarre deaths occur in San Francisco when seemingly random women go crazy and end their own lives after being treated by Dr. Frankie Stein, for their phobias, Frost decides to take a closer look. What about her therapy might have triggered their strange behaviors and deadly outsomes? What about Frankie does this killer who is taunting her with emails and calls want? Why does he call himself NIGHT BIRD? As the Night Bird gets closer and taunts and terrorizes them both Frost and Frankie have to race the clock to take this killer down before the body count rises even more. Join me when I interview award winning author Brian Freeman the author of the Jonathan Stride series. Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ Magazine  

  • Amelie Diamant Holmstrom

    in Books

    An educator with over 4 decades of experience, Amelie Diamant-Holmstrom discusses her books, "Conversations with Thomas," "Destined For Greatness," and "Yes, I Can," all written in an effort to provide parents, teachers and the educational system with insights on how to support, nurture and cultivate children to thrive, survive and live life with joy and passion.