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    Silent Source: A Medical Thriller
    The hate is deep. The death is slow. The cause is silent. You know that Atlanta PD has given up on a case when they call in Dr. Damon Keane. The sleuth scientist is quietly famous in forensic circles for unraveling the most daunting technical puzzles, but this case is bewildering. Two people are already dead. The third victim, a priest, is dying by inches in an Atlanta hospital, and the cause is a complete mystery to doctors and police detectives alike. As if matters weren't strange enough, the dying priest's rosary beads have suddenly turned the color of blood.Despite that bizarre transformation, Keane knows that he's not chasing something supernatural. The killer is a man--twisted by anger and a lust for vengeance--but still very much human. As the death toll mounts, the story races to London's Hyde Park, to the edge of Siberia (home to a thriving black market in nuclear materials), to the backwoods of Georgia. For all of his perception and skill, Keane is always one step behind. Time is running out. The killer is making his final preparations to submerge an entire city in a cloud of death. And Keane has learned that the only way to take down this beast is to outmatch his cunning in a face-to-face showdown

  • Authors Exposed~

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    JOIN US! 
    APRIL 20, 2017 @ 7:00pm Eastern & 4:00pm Central Time. To Speak To Guest Call @ (267) 521-0177  
    With a Powerful Interview with an awesome Author the wrote Everyday Evangelism, Author La Senior Lynch. Giving you the  open door” about. EVERYDAY EVANGELISM, she will give you some tools that will help you with everyday encounters to become evangelical opportunities as you are ushered out of spiritual shyness. a good book for the Lost souls that will help you encountered the gifts of HOPE and the GOOD NEWS wrapped in Christ’s love! A powerful Book that everyone needs in this time and Sesaon. 

  • The Lost Order

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    The Lost Order: Steve Berry
    The Knights of the Golden Circle was the largest and most dangerous clandestine organization in American history. It amassed billions in stolen gold and silver, all buried in hidden caches across the United States. Since 1865 treasure hunters have searched, but little of that immense wealth has ever been found.
    Now, one hundred and sixty years later, two factions of what remains of the Knights of the Golden Circle want that lost treasure?one to spend it for their own ends, the other to preserve it.
    Thrust into this battle is former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone, whose connection to the knights is far deeper than he ever imagined. At the center is the Smithsonian Institution?linked to the knights, its treasure, and Malone himself through an ancestor, a Confederate spy named Angus “Cotton” Adams, whose story holds the key to everything. Complicating matters are the political ambitions of a reckless Speaker of the House and the bitter widow of a United States Senator, who together are planning radical changes to the country. And while Malone and Cassiopeia Vitt face the past, ex-president Danny Daniels and Stephanie Nelle confront a new and unexpected challenge, a threat that may cost one of them their life.
    From the backrooms of the Smithsonian to the deepest woods in rural Arkansas, and finally up into the rugged mountains of northern New Mexico, The Lost Order is a perilous adventure into our country’s dark past, and a potentially even darker future.

  • Chat Noir Mystery and Suspense with Linda Kozar—Guest author Brandilyn Collins

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    Author Linda Kozar interviews fellow mystery, suspense, and thriller authors, and the stories behind their twisted tales. Book giveaways. Call-ins and Chat Room questions welcome.
    My guest today is award-winning author Brandilyn Collins. WEBSITE: http://brandilyncollins.com
    "When I was a kid I never thought I'd grow up to kill people for a living. Neither did my lovely mother, who often wondered where she went wrong. Fortunately for my victims, the killing is only in my books. I’m best known for my trademarked Seatbelt Suspense®. These novels come with a four-point brand promise: fast-paced, character-driven suspense with myriad twists and an interwoven thread of faith. My contemporary novels delve into deep issues, some with humor. Now and then I venture from behind my computer and teach fiction at writers’ conferences. I’m also an inspirational keynote speaker. I love to interact with readers. The best place to find me on a daily basis is at my Facebook page , where I post Today's Word, crazy "Creative Captioneer" pictures, book sale news (mine and other authors'), topics of interest, and who knows what else."

  • Diamond's World Presents The Ladies off Sistahs on Lit

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    Listen as I talk to the ladies of Sistahs on Lit about the upcoming book festival o.j. April 30th.


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    With all of the controversial police issues in the news these days, it’s especially encouraging to read a book by a seasoned police officer who still believes that effective law enforcement is possible. I’d like to introduce you to author Larry Watts and his co-author for this book, Carolyn Ferrell Watts. They’ve worked together to create a historical crime novel that is fiction but based on true events. It’s called Dishonored and Forgotten and was released January 2, 2017.
      Larry is very excited about his new book and we’re scheduling a media tour for him to introduce him to new readers. Dealing with a real life incident ripped from the headlines this proves to be an interesting book and will be an even greater interview/ Join me with author Larry Watts who co-authored teh book with Carolyn Ferrell Watts. Fran Lewis: Just reviews/Bertha and Tillie series


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    Ashes by Steven Manchester Tour February 19 - April 21, 2017
    Middle-aged brothers Jason and Tom Prendergast thought they were completely done with each other. Perceived betrayal had burned the bridge between them, tossing them into the icy river of estrangement. But life – and death – has a robust sense of irony, and when they learn that their cruel father has died and made his final request that they travel together across the country to spread his ashes, they have no choice but to spend a long, long car trip in each other's company. It's either that or lose out on the contents of the envelope he's left with his lawyer. The trip will be as gut-wrenching as each expects it to be . . . and revealing in ways neither of them is prepared for.At turns humorous, biting, poignant, and surprisingly tender, Ashes puts a new spin on family and dysfunction with a story that is at once fresh and timelessly universal.


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    The Adventures of the REAL Tom Sawyer chronicles Tom’s multiple exciting careers, from drawing comic books for Stan Lee at age 22, to top advertising illustrator to award-winning filmmaker and on through his Emmy & Edgar-nominated career in Hollywood and beyond, all of it told in wildly entertaining scenes. As one reviewer has said: “Hell, the guy's had more adventures than the fictional Tom Sawyer.”  
    Also, here are several blurbs:
    “Tom’s delightful memoir, The Adventures of The REAL Tom Sawyer, is a wildly entertaining testament to enjoying one’s life, finding ways to realize your dreams. And having worked with Tom for 12 lovely years, I can honestly say that he knows how to tell a great story.”                         Angela Lansbury
    “The Adventures of The REAL Tom Sawyer is way more than a memoir. Tom has written a totally entertaining guidebook for how to grab onto the fun-side of life, pursue your dreams, turn bummers into assets, thumb your nose at the bozos – and win the Game.”                         William Link – co-creator of COLUMBO & 14 other on-air TV Series This should be exciting.
    In this entertaining and educational 90-page book, each Secret for Putting Yourself in Luck's Way is revealed and demonstrated via excerpts from The Adventures of the REAL Tom Sawyer.
    Fran Lewis: Just reviews

  • The Washington Power Play

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    Washington Power Play: A political thiller
    In typical Topol style, Washington Power Play spins a tale of international intrigue, deception, and corruption at the highest levels of power. Kelly Cameron, a young FBI agent, has just thwarted a terrorist attack on the Walter Reed hospital in Washington, and is now assigned to a task force let by General Darrell Cartwright to find a mole in the U.S. Government. She soon finds evidence of a plot initiated by the Chinese government supporting General Cartwright to be elected as the U.S. President.
      Kelly's efforts to thwart this plan are hindered by Xiang Shen, a Chinese diplomat who was once her lover, and Andrew Martin, a powerful Washington lawyer, who has strong ties to the Chinese. Kelly faces danger with repeated attacks on her life and her daughter's kidnapping. At stake in the Washington Power Play is the global balance of power.

    Allan Topol is the author of eleven novels of international intrigue. Two of them, Spy Dance and Enemy of My Enemy, were national best sellers. His novels have been translated into Japanese, Portuguese, and Hebrew. One was optioned and three are in development for movies. In addition to his fiction writing, Allan Topol coauthored a two-volume legal treatise entitled Superfund Law and Procedure. He wrote a weekly column for Military.com and has published articles in numerous periodicals including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Yale Law Journal. Join us in the chatroom with your questions. Fran Lewis Just reviews/MJ magazine  

  • spotlight: A FINE IMITATION

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    A Fine Imitation
    Amber Brock
    Though Vera has beauty, pedigree, and a penthouse at the Angelus—the most coveted address on Park Avenue—she is living in quiet desperation. Amid the sparkling whirl of Prohibition-era Manhattan, she sustains her place at the top of the city’s pecking order through an unbroken loop of empty socializing and rigid adherence to propriety, which includes never wondering aloud why she waits nightly in her cavernous apartment for a husband who seldom comes home.
    Then Emil Hallan arrives at the Angelus to paint a mural above its glittering subterranean pool. The handsome French artist shrouds his work, and himself, in secrecy, piquing Vera’s curiosity and sparking feelings in her that soon become impossible to ignore. Is he the man he claims to be? Vera can’t suppress her suspicions, for she too knows a little something about keeping secrets. After all, she secured her place in society by closely guarding her own from her time at Vassar, when her friendship with the bold, artistically gifted Bea Stillman brought her to the brink of catastrophe and social exile.
    When the dangerous mysteries of Emil’s past come to light, Vera faces an impossible choice: cling to her familiar world of privilege or risk everything for the enigmatic man who has taken her heart, and may break it. Dazzling and compulsively readable, A Fine Imitation explores what happens when we realize that the lives we’ve been born to lead are not the lives that will make us happy. Join me in the chat room when I interview Jill


  • Amelie Diamant Holmstrom

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    An educator with over 4 decades of experience, Amelie Diamant-Holmstrom discusses her books, "Conversations with Thomas," "Destined For Greatness," and "Yes, I Can," all written in an effort to provide parents, teachers and the educational system with insights on how to support, nurture and cultivate children to thrive, survive and live life with joy and passion.

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