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    The Colony

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    A colony of extraterrestrial migrants arrives on Earth hoping to integrate into society. However, upon discovering that the new arrivals are acctually alien-human hybrids, the people of Planet Earth start to have second thoughts about welcoming 200,000 off-world migrants. Worse still is the fact that the alien colony ship hoveing in space above Earth carries secrets within it which are as difficult to comprehend for humankind, as it is for the extraterrestrial travellers themselves. The alien colonists have no memory of life before the ship, but they will discover a shocking truth about just how closely related to the inhabitants of Earth they all are. This revelation leads to confusion, chaos and fighting which threatens to destroy their hopes of assimilating. In the first book of the series, Arrival, colonist Mikal, and his love, Arianna, are thrust into the center of a major revelation about the true origins of their people, a bombshell that won’t be the last.