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    John Daly, author of Blood Trade and From a Dead Sleep

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    Mark your calendars for 2.24.16 at 11 AM, ET and listen to Joy Radio interview John Daly, Colorado author of the Sean Coleman thriller novels, Blood Trade and From a Dead Sleep.
    Sean Coleman is back in the latest thriller from John A. Daly, set in the mountains of Winston, Colorado. Six months after the murder of his uncle, Sean is trying to get his life together. He’s stopped drinking, he’s taking better care of himself, and he’s working hard to keep a fledgling security business afloat. At a blood plasma bank Sean frequents to earn extra income, he meets the distraught relative of Andrew Carson, a man who went missing weeks earlier on the other side of the state, with a pool of blood in the snowy driveway of his home as the only clue to the man’s fate. Sean decides to help in the search for Carson and quickly finds himself immersed in a world of deception, desperation, and danger—a world in which nothing is what it seems, and few can get out of with their lives.
    A lifelong Coloradoan, John graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1996 with a degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. He spent the next fifteen years developing accounting software and Internet-based, workflow collaboration solutions. He currently writes political, cultural, and media-analysis columns for the website of Bernard Goldberg, former CBS News journalist and New York Times bestselling author.
    John felt compelled to take his writing to the next level after watching a television interview with former NFL football player, Tim Green. Inspired by Green’s career transition from a professional athlete to an accomplished author, John found the motivation to begin work on his first novel, “From a Dead Sleep”.
    John lives in Greeley, Colorado with his wife and two children.

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    Play Your Position

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    Join DRMRAB Radio as they discuss "Playing your position" in 2016 with Rayven Skyy. DRMRAB will chat with the Rayven while she gives her thoughts on how to make power moves while playing your position.

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    Interracial Romance Military Novel - The Grunt 2: A serious discussion

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    Discuss the long anticipated steamy interracial miltiary romance, The Grunt 2, with author Latrivia Welch.  Ask questions.  Give your feedback and celebrate the last book of the Latrivia S. Nelson legacy.  New books from the author will now be under Latrivia Welch. 
    "This is a moment we can all take part in," said Welch.  "We've had 8 great years together and over 22 books.  It's only right that we go out with a bang." 
    For more information on The Grunt 2 or to purchase click here. 

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    #27 - Ryan Broems (@RyanBroems) & Josh Enter the Umami Level

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    Josh sits down with Comedian Ryan Broems, and they begin by talking about the intimate sex act that just took place over lunch. Apparently Umami stands for something way different than we thought. Josh has recently started his own Project Mayhem. Broems likes to be the cushion when women hit rock bottom. We decide that One Tree Hill is to blame for life’s expectations. The guys battle over who is the shittiest person, and who has the weirdest dick. The guys wrap up the show talking about modern day cyber-scarlet lettering.

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    2016 AAMBC Literary Awards Nominees Announced

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    The official 2016 AAMBC literary Award nominees will be anounced here on AAMBC Radio live ONLY. Follow us on social media at @aambcawards for more news on this summers awards weekend, the stars, events, and more.

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    Interview with Heather Harlow for the Argon Factor

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    In a futuristic world, where Earth's cities are still recovering from being ravaged by gang wars, cyber crime is at its peak and threatens the world's digitized monetary supply. 
    Susan Caldwell is a newly hired security development manager at GTS, the company that controls the world's monetary supply and data. The sophisticated systems have been hacked and now people on Susan's team are being killed while they try to fix the breach. 
    Susan, who trusts no man, must rely upon the GTS CEO, Christoph Baldric, to keep her safe. Little does she know that he's the Argon alien commander on Earth. She's not interested in him, doesn't want a hookup with him, but is extremely attracted to him. Susan has her own plans and will be having a baby through the fertility clinic. She's excited about her pending future, that is, if she is still alive. 
    Christoph Baldric's mission is to protect the Earth's humans and nurture them so that eventually his people can merge with the humans. Christoph's planet, Argon, was blown up when their major sun exploded into a black hole. The people of Argon have been studying and nurturing Earth for many millennia as a new, potential home. Now is the time to make Earth their home and begin merging with Earth's humans, making both races stronger. 
    But first, the Argonians must save Earth from the Grogan's, the Argon nemesis from their home universe, Baldracon, who want to eliminate all life on Earth and take the planet for their own.

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    Conversations with Dale Ridley And Quita Tucker

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    Come share your opinions with Author Dale Ridley and his witty Co-host as we talk about real topics and have fun.

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    Interview with the Authors of 7

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    Debonair guest host and book reviewer Ethan Gregory interviews the award-winning authors of the new release 7. Casey L. Bond, Jo Michaels, Tia Silverthorne Bach, Kelly Risser, and N. L. Greene are the masterminds behind Fractured Glass, and they've come together once again to break traditional thought and construct of what should go into a multi-authored novel. Ethan will ask the women questions he had while reading the book, regale you with his charm, and surprise them with his witty banter while giving you insight you won't get anywhere else.
    Listen in for details about the book you won't get any other way. Follow Ethan and the authors on Twitter: @egrgry, @AuthorCaseyBond, @WriteJoMichaels, @Tia_Bach_Author, @kar2b, @AuthorNLGreene

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    Lit Ish Live- Year in Review

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    Join the Literary Ladies of the ATL as we discuss our accomplishments of 2015 as well as endeavors for 2016. Expect breaking news, giveways, and surprises as we sum up another productive year as a group and individually.

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    A Talk with Sotheby's Sharon Mintz and David Wachtel

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    Sharon Lieberman Mintz is Senior Consultant in Judaica at Sotheby’s New York and Curator of Jewish Art at JTS.
    David Wachtel is a Senior Rare Book Consultant for Sotheby's and the JTS.

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    X-posed: Author Necie Holland

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    Fabulous, talented, beautiful author Necie Holland will be chatting it up with yours truly. Get to know Necie and her work plus she will be serving HOT tea on her latest and upcoming novel Thugs, Thots & Screenshots II.  Have questions for Necie? Call in and get them answered. One lucky listener will win a gifted copy of her novel plus other surprises(must call in to enter)... tune in as NECIE HOLLAND gets X-POSED BY CHANELLE Sunday November 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM EST 3:30 PM PST 
    #thugsthotsandscreenshots #necieholland #xposedbychanelle 
    Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/xposed01
    Are you an author, music artist, small business owner. non profit organization looking for exposure...your search ends here. You need to be X-posed by Chanelle to boost your exposure. For inquires email  Contact the host, Chanelle Alexandria via email: ms.chanellealexandria@gmail.com for more details. Terms and fees apply.