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    Page Readers April 12 Update

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    Updating my Page Readers about current projects I'm working on, things to check out, ideas I'm working on and thoughts I'm thinking. Or pondering. Not sure. You decide.

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    About Reena

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    Does My Name Taste Good In Ur Mouth!

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    Yall Love Speaking On Me Damn I Must Be Famous :)

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    AC Hosts James C. 'Pep' Washburn - Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike

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    In the pristine environment of the northern boreal forest, Tulugaq Kagagi muses over a series of letters, written in the vernacular of his grandfather, he recalls his life experiences and the spiritual teachings these events have brought him: transforming his life and worldview.
    As he reads the words of this old man’s life his heart is returned to a time of embrace and spiritual oneness that he has not known in decades. Feeling the wind of the Spirit and sensing the inner whisper of a still small voice, meaning and love are again awakened in his heart. We travel with him on a path of revelation opening his heart to the unity and benevolence surrounding us all. This is a novel that pierces the core of humanity’s longing for inner peace and opens for us the simple joy of being. The letters of Minominike bring insight and encouragement to live in the reality of transcendent love.
    “Called by many names in the world’s wisdom traditions, Touching Spirit: The Letters of Minominike, is a powerful reminder that the Spirit within guides each of us in language unique to our individual heart and soul. James “Pep” Washburn is a conduit for the realization of our shared humanity and our shared desire to journey home and discover our Original Face. This book is accompanied with a warning: Your beliefs may shape shift in such a way that causes your life to never again be the same.”  Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning.
    Join Pep and host, Lily Gianna to learn the backstory.

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    Suspense Author Douglas Sandler Talks about BAD MEMORIES

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    About BAD MEMORIES: John Miller wakes up one morning to face his bitchy, dominating, possessive wife; the shocking death of his friend, a doctor who worked with John at the asylum, and WHOM his wife Julie hates. She was an administrative nurse at the same asylum who dumped another doctor that also worked there to marry John. The interactions of the characters will make you want to hate them all. There is a hidden connection between the heirs (?) and doctors Miller, Younger, AND Smith. Get the book to find out the connection and who did it, and discover why John Miller wishes he never got out of bed that morning.

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    Shirley George Frazier: From Transition to Reinvention to Dream Home-Based Biz

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    Ending one chapter in your life, whether due to spousal death, job loss, or other adjustment, and making a transition into a new lifestyle can seem scary. However, the change can be fulfilling! This show with author SHIRLEY GEORGE FRAZIER, will inspire ou how to give yourself permission to transform and reinvent your beautiful life.
    Hear how Shirley George Frazier left 13 jobs in 13 years and finally turned her "hobby" into a profitable business.
    Her book, Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business, is a comprehensive guide that provides the tools for every aspect to successfully marketing your home-based business.
    Learn all about direct mail tactics, garnering attention through print and broadcast media, and using everything the Internet has to offer, from ebooks to web videos and seminars.

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    Auhtor Interview

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    Interview with the CEOs of Passion Publications.

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    Inside The New York Times Book Review: ‘All the Single Ladies’

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    This week, Rebecca Traister talks about “All the Single Ladies”; Alexandra Alter has news from the publishing world; Ben Ratliff discusses “Every Song Ever”; Richard Armitage discusses his audiobook recording of “David Copperfield”; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.

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    Writers and guest

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    Topic of discussion:  Where does one begin?  Guest speaker to be announced.

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    Talk to Lashandra Hall

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    Share question and comments with Lashandra Hall

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    SELF AWARE CONSULT LLC .- Our job is you!

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    Our our mssion is to do our part in restoring traditionalism to the home by educating and stabilizing the fathers. This is in no way ignoring the mothers, the "backbone" and "gifted nurturer" she is but more to accept responsibility for the role we play in the family. I myself became a temporary ward of the court several times for different lengths of stay-- in the system. This is where I gained my independence. I was lost and searching for guidance. It was a troubling time being separated from my family and all that was familiar to be thruster in to the system with abused kids like me, as well as young criminals. I was easily influenced by the lure of chaos. It became normal to live in dysfunction. I followed my own set of rules and made a family of my own. I was what I thought secure. It was the most stability I had ever experienced being in the system. What seemed hectic for most was vacation for me because I got to eat everyday and a place to lay my head. As a child life is simple like that. As time time passed and I got older it sank in that my mother probably wasn't going to get self together anytime soon. I needed to start working on myself but I had no clue where to begin, the feeling of despair settled and I was immediately confused, heartbroken, angry, sad, mad, unremorseful for the feeling of hatred I had towards my own absent father. A voice low in the back of my mind was telling me not to quit. I kept going. This was the day my journey began, I fell to my knees and prayed. "I didn't hear a voice or nothing extremely Devine but I do believe the Lord spoke to me." I felt a rush of security fil my body and I stopped crying, I felt comfort and I felt these words. "But a vessel."