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    Interview with Joe Carroccio

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    Join me as I interview Joe Carroccio.

    Professionally, Joe Carroccio is the Founder & President of the Good Life News, Inc. and has over 40 years of Marketing, Sales, Media, Management and Operational experience in technology, communications and Energy Management.

    In addition, for six years, he was a Director for the Social Services Agency, HRA, of the city of New York. Also, as an entertainer, Joe has performed as a vocalist, musician, and promoter/manager of many musical productions and presently is the lead singer and bass player for his own band, Good Time Rock, in Arizona. www.GoodTimeRock.com

    In 2004, Joe created the Arizona Good Life Newspaper and was its Publisher until the last issue in Nov. 2008. He is an Internet radio talk host, interviewing Authors for the Author’s Voice, housed on the AuthorsRoost.com and Achieve Radio.com.

    Personally, Joe was born, bred and fed in Brooklyn, New York and with a name like Carroccio, you can bet on his heritage – Italian. He later raised his family, which included three children, in central New Jersey.

    Joe is an entrepreneur and has led a very versatile life. As an entertainer he began singing at the age of 16 due to the coaxing of his friend, Joey B. Joe, also is a self-taught bass player, who started at the age of 21, and has yet to put it to rest. His vocal style has earned him the title of the “Wedding Singer” (which is also the title of one of his future books). When the opportunity arises, he sings with Sun Lakes Big Band, a 15 piece “Glenn Miller” swing band in Arizona.

    In addition to Joe’s entertainment career, he has served as a PTA and Band Parent Officer, a Scoutmaster, a volunteer auxiliary police officer as well as a Civil Defense volunteer for Disaster Recovery.

    After many years of Distractions and Interruptions, Joe’s skills as an educator, trainer, speaker, author and entertainer inspired him to create, present and make known The Law of Distraction and InterruptionTM.

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    Lillian Brummet - Final Episode

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    Authors Read Radio will be closing its doors as of noon, July 31. We will no longer be accepting applications on the program - however if you feel you have a topic suiting our Conscious Discussions audience (nonprofit orgs, greening the planet, making a difference, etc) than please do feel free to query us for that. See our site for more info: www.brummet.ca

    It is with some sadness that we let this radio program go, as it was such a wonderful experience supporting other authors in this way. However all the archived episodes of Authors Read will remain online indefinitely for those who would like to sample those previously aired shows.

    Our other endeavors including the newsletter, blogs, media ad exchanges, and Conscious Discussions Radio show, etc, - will all continue as usual. And as such we continue to welcome networking, ad exchanges and so on.

    *New website changes at www.brummet.ca will be happening over the next couple of months, so keep dropping by to see what we've done there as you have time. Also - Coming in late Aug/Sept 2010 we will have affiliate opportunities for our e-books for those of you who are interested in this. Watch for announcements in our newsletter and on the blog :)

    * Note: Thank you, too, for all our writing-colleagues who have supported us by purchasing one of our 3 books - helping us keep our projects going as well. I greatly appreciate the feedback from publicists and publishers who have seen the value of Purple Snowflake Marketing and have begun to recommend it to others! Thank you all, so very much.

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    Jean Rhys

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    Read excerpts from works by Jean Rhys

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    Patricia Briggs: Alpha and Omega (short story)

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    Talk on how Patricia Briggs needs to stop looking up Chicago on Wikipedia and her failure in logic.

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    Newbery winners Rebecca Stead and Linda Sue Park talk about How Their Lives Chan...

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    Newbery winners Rebecca Stead and Linda Sue Park talk about How Their Lives Changed After The Call. One day you're a writer with a book you're trying to get noticed and the next, everyone in the children's book world is buzzing about your tome. What does it feel like to win a Newbery medal? How does your life change? If you get more invitations to speak at schools and conferences, how do you fit it in with your family life? Rebecca Stead and Linda Sue Park tell all!

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    Meet Dustin Nunn, Author, Cartoonist, Adult with Autism

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    About The Author

    Hi, my name is Dustin Nunn and I am 20 years old. I was born October 28, 1988 and I love drawing cartoons. Ever since I was 4 years old, I started drawing cartoons. I have been drawing for over 16 years, and yet I still draw. I am the creator of the comic strip series, “Dustin & Darling” and “Speed Phreak & Friends”. I am also creating the upcoming comic strip series, “The Adventures of Santa Clause & His Holiday Friends”. The Dustin & Darling Characters are based on my friends and family and the Speed Phreak characters are not based on anybody.

    When I was born, not only was I born with a talented gift of drawing, I was born with autism and I am a slow learner at things. I like playing video games, surf around on YouTube, and spend time with family and friends. I don’t play video games as much because I like to stick with my artwork.
    Dustin & Darling
    by Dustin Alan Nunn

    Very entertaining…
    And packed with adventures…

    Take time to meet new cartoon character-heroes and villains…
    Get involve in their adventures and discover their special powers...

    Let us come and have fun with Dustin & Darling as they invite us on a tour to the whimsical, fanciful and adventurous comic world created by author Dustin Alan Nunn.

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    A talk with Robert R. Best

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    Come chat with Robert R. Best, author of the newly released "All Kinds Of Things Kill: Dead Librarian Edition" AND "Ashton Memorial" his second of the zombie trilogy. I'm sure we'll talk about "Lakewood Memorial" too!

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    Champagne Radio Talks to Michael Gordon

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    New Champagne author Mike Gordon speaks with us about his new release 'Killer Commute'.

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    SHALENA wants you to ask yourself :Are you guilty of always blabbing about your relationship to your mother or close friends and wonder why they don't like your significant other and vice versa?

    JOIN US FOR THIS FUN AND INFORMATIVE DISCUSSION, FEEL FREE TO CALL IN.. Also pick up SOULS OF MY YOUNG SISTERS IN STORES NOW!!! Flip thru the pages then join us every Thursday night at 11pm be able to hear all of the stories directly from the authors.

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    Authors Cara Putman and Meredith Efken

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    Cara Putman, author of Stars in the Night, and Meredith Efken, author of Lucky Baby, join us.

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    ASA Annual Erotica Show

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    ASA hostesses and guests bring the heat with the hottest show of the year!!!

    Our special guests are Imani True and Dreama Skye!