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    RenWomen Among Us: Linda Hollander

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    Linda Hollander is a businesswoman, speaker, author, and the industry leader in teaching entrepreneurial women about small business success and how to get corporate sponsors.  She has over 20 years of experience in business, corporate sponsorships, sales, marketing, design, promotion and creating lifetime customers.  She is the founder of Women's Small Business Month and the Women’s Small Business Expo, which takes place every year in Los Angeles, California and has received the Caught in the Act of Excellence Award.  
    Linda is sometimes known as the "Wealthy Bag Lady." She started out worse than broke. She was buried in debt and couldn’t find a way out of the poverty trap. Then she and her best friend, Sheryl Felice, launched a packaging business which sells custom-printed shopping bags to leading-edge companies. Linda devised a sales and marketing plan which made the fledgling business profitable in a very short amount of time. Some of her clients include Disney, Cisco Systems, Mattel, Universal Studios, Nissan, Yamaha, Sony, Revlon, Sanyo, and Avery Dennison.
    As revenues for the company increased every year, she met entrepreneurial women, understood what motivates them and how she could increase their success. She wrote the book, Bags to Riches: 7  SuccessSecrets for Women in Business and launched a career as an international speaker and sponsorship expert.  She is the president of the International Sponsorship Association. 
    Linda is a great example of the RenWomen traits of risk taking, the urge to grow and expand, learning from failure, and creative problem solving.

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    Book of the Week

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    This is the show that is open for you. Bring yoru favorite book, tell us about your reason for writing or reading, or just tell us what is on your mind. I will be reading to you what is on my mind, and giving you the opportunity to join the discussion.

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    Anatoly's Retribution: Book One Book Chat

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    Listen in as USA TODAY Bestselling Author Latrivia Welch Talks about her newest book, Anatoly's Retribution: Book One?.  Medlovians will call in, emai (lwelch@riverhousepublishingllc.com) and Facebook Latrivia about their questions, concerns, thoughts on her latest book.  

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    Readers Entertainment Radio presents Authors 18

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    Suanne Schaefer & Jennifer Klepper will join us today talking about, Authors '18, a place where Adult & New Adult authors debute their first novel in 2018. Authors '18 covers upcoming books, writers bios, & must read lists of everything from mystery/thrillers to seasonal reads & giveaways. They can be found at www.authors18.com & on Facebook. Suanne Schafer, a retired family-practice physician, originally planned to write romances, but decided Women's Fiction was far more her forte. She completed the Stanford University Creative Writing Certificate program. Her short works have been featured in mutiple print and on-line magazines. Her debut women’s fiction novel, A Different Kind of Fire, explores the life of Ruby Schmidt, a 19th-century artist who escapes & returns to West Texas. Suanne’s next book come out in 2019. It explores the heartbreak & healing of an American physician caught up in the 1994 Rwandan genocide.
    Jennifer Klepper, a Midwest native, made stops in Dallas, Charlottesville, & Boston before settling for good in Maryland. She attended Southern Methodist University & the University of Virginia School of Law, her law degree guided her through the worlds of corporate law, tech startups, & court advocacy for foster children. When she’s not writing, she’s crossing things off a never ending to-do list & hoping to catch that next sunset. Jennifer lives near Annapolis with her husband and two kids. Her debut novel UNBROKEN THREADS will be published summer 2018 by Red Adept Publishing.

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    Author Gary W. Evans talks #DeathByDrowning on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Gary W. Evans to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his new book #DeathByDrowning. 

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    Author Interview: Steve Atkinson - A Memoir of the Vietnam Years

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    "Steve Atkinson has performed a minor miracle with his memoir, 'In Liberating Strife: A Memoir of the Vietnam Years.' He has humped the same path as David Maraniss did in his prize-winning 'They Walked in Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America, October 1967.' Maraniss, a stellar reporter for the Washington Post, focused on one battle in Vietnam that October and the burgeoning antiwar movement at the University of Wisconsin. Steve Atkinson shifts the American perspective to Minnesota, where he was a university student. What sets Steve's book off from Maraniss's and others is that he was in-country in Vietnam for a year and writes from ground zero. In compelling, colorful detail, Steve lets us into his inmost thoughts and feelings. He does this through remarkable reporting, both by himself and his wife Bev. He saved their letters from their courtship during his two-year absence, half of it in Vietnam. From their literate correspondence, we can learn to be English majors. Steve captures the ordeal Bev and his own family endured back home as he grew into a unique manhood in various danger zones in Vietnam. This is a book for ordinary people--the kind who forged some connection with the Vietnam War, Americans who have served since and--perhaps most important--reaching out to civilians who must still decide how they feel about boots on the sand in Iraq and Afghanistan."
    --Mike Tharp, correspondent and bureau chief with the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Far Eastern Economic Review, U.S. News & World Report, People Magazine and as a freelancer for AARP publications. He was a soldier in Vietnam and received an Honorable Discharge and a Bronze Star. As a civilian he has covered six other wars.

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    #348 - Introducing Sheree Whitby, Christian Author, Speaker, Educator, and Coach

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    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show TODAY (11/3/17) at 2 p.m. (EST) to hear a LIVE interview with Christian author, speaker, educator, coach and realtor: Sheree Whitby.
    As noted on her website, Sheree Whitby is the founder of Life Recharge, a business dedicated to provide inspiration and empowerment through events, coaching and apparel that renew, revitalize and impact your everyday life. As a speaker, educator, and author, Sheree is intent on providing hope, positivity and a desire for resilience.
    In June 2007, Sheree and her family faced the ultimate test of their faith with the near drowning injury of her youngest son, Darren. Despite the grim prognosis and with the support of her husband, parents, close family and friends, Sheree was able to overcome the emotional devastation and continue to share and live God’s Word. 
    Sheree is the author A Word to Regenerate: 30 Days to Overcome and 30 Days to Capture the Heart of God.  She is one of more than two dozen authors who will share their book ministries at the 2017 Christian Writer's Literary Festival scheduled December 9, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center located 401 N. Howard Street (21201). 
    Call 858-357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guest.  The co-hosts for this broadcast are Pastor Kevin Wayne Johnson and Lynn Pinder.  Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE! You can tune in any time after 2:35 p.m. (EST), you can click on the link to listen to the recorded broadcast!

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    Interview with Florenza Lee

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    Join your hostess Letrise Carter when she sits down with author Florenza Lee to disucss her latest novel The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog.
    About Florenza Lee:
    Florenza Denise Lee is a Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Freelance Writer, Blogger, and Children’s eBooks Author and Publisher. Florenza writes for several online publications.  Her Children’s eBooks: Welcome Home Daddy, Love Lexi; The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog – A Children’s Book on Mindfulness; Barry Bear’s Very Best – Learning to Say No to Negative Influences; and El Mejor Esfuerzo Del Oso Barry - Aprendiendo a Decir No a Influencias Negativas (Spanish Edition of Barry Bear) are published by her company, Words to Ponder Publishing Company, LLC and are available on Amazon.com.  Other works by Florenza Denise Lee:
    The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog - A Children's Book on Mindfulness, came to Florenza in the form of a dream.  On, February 1, 2014 she dreamt she was reading a book to thousands of children and their caregivers.  Believing that this was more than a "mere" dream, she quickly wrote down all that she remembered reading, and the rest, as they say, is history...
    Visit her website to learn more about her at  http://www.florenza.org/

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    Red River Radio Tales from the Pages Welcomes Amy Leigh McCorkle

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    On Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 4pm EST host Barbara Ehrentreu welcomes Amy Leigh McCorkle to discuss how she took her blog from a blog to a book and now to a full length movie which is about to be filmed. She will talk about how she has overcome her bipolar disease and why she wants to get her message out that bipolar disease needs to be discussed. Amy will also be talking about what it takes to make a movie. Hopefully, some of the cast and crew might be able to call in. Amy is also the author of a number of books including the best selling Letters to Daniel on which the screenplay, which is also award winning, has been based. You will want to hear Amy's story and she will be talking about what it has taken to get to this place where the movie is about to be made. Hopefully, you will meet the crew she has assembled including her musical director and composer, Valyo Genoff. As always there might be some surprises. You will not want to miss this show. Sorry for the late notice, but anyone who misses the live show can hear it in the archives. Just click on the link and you will be able to hear it. 

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    Robin Leigh Anderson is My Guest Author on November 7th

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    Futuristic sci-fi at its finest! Don't miss November 7th when I'll be hosting Robin Leigh Anderson. She'll be reading from Suncatcher. * * *
    In the far future Terran asteroid miner Lt. Ard Jay Solstad crash-lands on a faraway unknown planet during a meteor storm and must survive for at least three months before the signal buoy can reach someone to dispatch rescue.  Ard is stunned to meet the last survivor of the planet, a silicon-based humanoid who looks like the stained glass suncatcher he had in his window as a child.  Despite the odds they fall in love as they both try to survive on what they can glean from his ship---glass for her---and carbon-based foods for him from the planet.  But, facing almost certain death as she cannot physically leave her planet, Ard must leave her behind when the droid ship arrives to rescue him.
    Three years later now Captain Solstad returns with a full complement of miners for the lucrative claim that basically gives him the planet, and settlers to repopulate the empty planet…to find his beloved wife alive, and his SON, half Terran and half Preth.  TeeCee’s and their son’s telepathic abilities aid in the investigation of colony bigots and prevent tragedy, while the community and the surviving Preth come to terms with their existence and their changed world.  Ard’s able efforts, together with his trusted Commissioner of Police Jameson, to establish a generational world for the Terrans and the remaining Preth, bring Ard to a stunning point in the evolution of humanity.