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All about books. On this show, book publishing professional Susannah Greenberg of Susannah Greenberg Public Relations, a book publicity firm, interviews authors and experts in the book industry, book publishing, and writing, and will feature occasional short readings by authors. This show is for anyone interested in books.

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The Hunger For More: God, Gravity And The Big Bang by Peter Strassberg, MD. A book published by Full Court Press. The Big Bang is modern myth. It never occurred. It, and much of current science (particle physics) is but today's version of the Biblical Creation and Fall. In this book, Dr. Strassberg takes us on a journey—a voyage of understanding. By opening a portal to a different dimension, the book leaves the reader with a deeper insight into our world and the forces that shape it. The Hunger For More is an excursion into the realm of the very small (the quantum world of atoms and particles) and the exceedingly large—the universe with its awesome structure. As we travel, it allows us to make sense of what to Einstein was ?spooky? action at a distance, and helps us to unravel the ever-perplexing wave–particle enigma. It shows dark energy to be an illusion, inflation to be, essentially, infinitely impossible, and cosmic microwave background radiation (the supposed glue holding the Big Bang together) to be fundamentally misunderstood. It explores the concepts of force and time, finding an underlying essence—to those of science, gravity; to those of faith, God. It is an exciting adventure well worth taking. PETER STRASSBERG, M.D. is a practicing physician in the New York Metropolitan area. His previous book, The One Hundred Year Diet, grew from an interest in preventing obesity and its many associated heart and vascular problems. Available in Kindle and Paperback Editions.
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An interview with Brent LeVasseur author of the forthcoming sci-fi YA book series: AOLEON THE MARTIAN GIRL. Related games and music too! more

About the Author: Bernard Otterman was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1937. At the age of three, he and his parents escaped Lodz and fled to Warsaw. From there to the Pietrokov ghetto and were subsequently interned in the Radom ghetto and... more As Berger's novel moves back and forth from Vilna to Brooklyn, the focus is on Rosha and Mira as well as on Charlie's sister Jeanette. All three attempt to make sense of a life that often makes no sense at all.... more

Build and manage analytics teams to drive results REAL-WORLD ANALYTICS was written to help business leaders develop and manage analytics teams in today's Big Data craze. The book focuses on the do's and don'ts of staffing and... more

Pansy in Paris: A Mystery at the Museum. Written by Cynthia Bardes. Illustrations by Virginia Best. A Children's Picture Book. Published by Octobre Press. ISBN 978-0-615-84019-2. 32 pages. casebound with jacket, full color. Available... more

The Death of Drawing: Architecture in the Age of Simulation by David Scheer. Published by Routledge, June 2014. This is a significant book at the time of widespread uncertainty and confusion in architectural theory, education and... more

THE INHERITANCE OF A SWAMP WITCH By Sonia Taylor Brock The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch In her debut novel, The Inheritance of a Swamp Witch, Sonia Taylor Brock draws on her experience growing up in Southern... more

CONSPIRATOR'S ODYSSEY - THE EVOLUTION OF THE PATRON SAINT By A.K. Kuykendall In 1947, in the rural town of Roswell, New Mexico, a series of UFO's crash-land in an area later designated as Area 51. A massive cover-up is... more

CAROLINA CROW GIRL By Valerie Hobbs Valerie Hobbs is a well-respected author of numerous young adult novels. She is recognized for her ability to infuse her characters with remarkably authentic thoughts, motivations, and... more

An Interview with Children's Book Author, Elisa Kleven, author of A Monster in the House, PreSchool-Grade 2. From School Library Journal "The age-old subject of a new baby in the house is deftly handled in this winning combination of... more
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