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A delightful and salacious novel about the frightful world of high school, SATs, the college essay, and the Common Application—and how getting in is getting in the way of growing up Anne Arlington is twenty-seven, single, and in demand: she is the independent "college whisperer" whose name is passed from parent to parent like a winning lottery ticket, the only tutor who can make a difference with the Ivy League. Early Decision follows one application season and the five students Anne guides to their fates: Hunter, the athletic boy who never quite hits his potential, a kind, heavily defended kid who drives his mother mad; Sadie, an heiress who is perfectly controlled but at the expense of her own heart; William, whose intelligence permits him to dodge his father's cruel conservatism but can't solve the problem of loneliness; Alexis, a blazing overachiever whose midwestern parents have never heard of a tiger mom; and Cristina, who could write her ticket out of her enormous, failing high school, if only she knew how. Meanwhile, Anne needs a little coaching herself, having learned that even the best college does not teach a person how to make a life. In this engrossing, intelligent novel, Lacy Crawford delivers an explosive insider's guide to the secrets of college admissions at the highest levels. It's also a deft commentary on modern parenting and how the scramble for Harvard is shaping a generation. Told in part through the students' essays, this unique and witty book is so closely observed that it has been mistaken for a memoir or a how-to guide. A wise and deeply felt story, Early Decision reveals how getting in is getting in the way of growing up.
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Join Book Club Girl on February 3rd at 12:00pm EST for a very special episode featuring Juliette Fay, author of the acclaimed debut novel, Shelter Me, which has been "Bookmarked" by Target as a book club pick. The author will... more

THIS SHOW IS AT 3PM EST on 1/30/2009. "Sometimes a single individual changes the world, even if it is a parrot.” — Frans de Waal, author of Our Inner Ape. Join us for an interview with Irene Pepperberg about her New York Times... more

Wally Lamb talks with the readers of about his new novel The Hour I First Believed, an extraordinary tour de force, at once a meditation on the human condition and an unflinching yet compassionate evocation of character.

In this interview, debut author Rishi Reddi discusses her story collection, Karma and Other Stories. The collection weaves a multigenerational tapestry of characters pining for their Indian past while building new lives in modern America.

An interview with John Grogan about his New York Times bestseller, Marley & Me. The show is held in conjunction with Books-a-Million bookstores, where Marley & Me is the pet book club pick of December.

Laura Moriarty talks with the readers of the blog about her luminous and compassionate novel The Rest of Her Life in which she examines how mothers and daughters with the best intentions can be blind to the... more

Book Club Girl of talks with Diana Spechler about her debut novel Who By Fire. In her novel, Spechler examines what happens to a family years after their youngest daughter has been kidnapped and how... more

An interview with Diana Spechler about her new novel, Who By Fire. Spechler's novel is a sharp, captivating story of a family grieving from the loss of their youngest daughter and trying to understand the role of faith in their lives.

An interview with Thrity Umrigar about her new memoir, First Darling of the Morning. In her memoir, Umrigar unflinchingly recounts her turbulent upbringing from childhood to adolescence, exquisitely set against the backdrop of... more

Diane Hammond, author of Hannah's Dream talks with Nicole from this weekend's Book Group Expo in San Jose, CA.