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Tonight Bonnie Kaye's guest is Mary Ann Glynn, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a practice in New Jersey. Mary Ann has worked extensively to help victims of controlling/abusive relationships gather the strength and promote the healing needed to change and recover their lives. Those who have been victimized by sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths all suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to some degree, so trauma processing techniques such as EMDR, body work, and hypnotherapy can be an important part of the healing process - as regular “Talk Therapy” is not sufficient to address the damaging after-effects of traumatic stress. Rebuilding self-esteem, empowerment, and recovery of the lost self are also crucial in healing from victimization.

Tonight Mary Ann will talk about her new app called Mind Warrior™ a new app to help women with PTSD.  It takes you through the steps of recognizing and connecting to the trigger.  It then provides a variety of ways to take action to move along the negative feeling state and feel better.  As you practice this you realize that you can better control those conditioned responses and flashbacks, care for and recover yourself faster, all the while strengthening your coping skills instead of continuing to lose them.  The connection to self prevents further loss of self and builds the self-esteem and strength you need to go forward in a positive way.

Bonnie Kaye, international specialist on women who unknowingly marry gay men affecting 4 million women in this country and millions more around the world, hosts this show. Each week she has guests who are experts in this area to help those women who need to move ahead and heal. Kaye is a counselor, author, and founder of the Straight Wives Club.