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This show features writers who are part of the Books Of Excellence author's co-op, a forum for independently published authors. The show is hosted by Bonnie Kaye who organized the co-op after most of the members were victimized by a predatory publishing company which Kaye battled and closed down. The show also welcomes other independently published authors who would like to promote their books.

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Hostess and author Bonnie Kaye hosts this weekly show for authors from her Books of Excellence Coop at for independent authors. Other authors are invited as time allows.
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This show features independent authors who are members of the Books of Excellence Coop. Tonight's show features husband-wife team Dr. Keith and Barbara Stuart. Together, the couple has co-authored six historical novels.

Bonnie Kaye and Dari hosts of Military Author Radio are delighted to bring back Author DM Ulmer, a former commander of the USS Clamagore Submarine. Captain Ulmer plans to discuss his newest novel, Ensure Plausible Deniability,... more

Captain Paul Sherbo, USNR (ret.) of Lakewood, Colorado has written a book about the USS Frank E. Evans titled, Unsinkable Sailors:The fall and rise of the last crew of USS Frank E. Evans. Using official documents, it is the first... more

Tonight our show features Mary Hale, author of On Uganda's Terms, her true life story of running a maternity hospital in Uganda under Idi Amin. Mary talks about how she was able to turn her book into a screen play which is now under... more

Patriot Media author of MEAD'S TREK, creator of Spotlight on the Medal of Honor and has planned an interesting episode for this week. He has written nearly every form of communication, and was published on various subjects in... more

This show features independent authors. Todnight's show features author and scholar Edward Vasta. Edward Vasta is a medievalist with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame, a Fulbright Scholarship for the study of... more

Bonnie Kaye, Dari, and the staff at Military Author Radio, wish all of our listeners, authors, guests, readers, and sponsors a happy and healthy new year. We're excited to be hosting our 3rdprogram of Military Author Radio, our guest will be... more

This show features independent authors.

This show features military heroes who have written about their experiences through their works of fiction and non-fiction.

This show features independent authors.