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Helping you make the best of your life & featuring interviews with entertainers, life coaches and friends! Let's have fun & Make The BOLD Moves that will fulfill your hopes and dreams!

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Join Candice Payne for some conversations about women, relationships and taking time to relax, recoup, and regain your strength.
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Let Coach Ken Cheatham help you target your goals, develop a plan and become successful. It's simple, but not easy. It's time to get moving. Are you ready?

Join Michele Aikens, CEO of Sepia Prime Woman as she discusses the challenges and support for parents of Children with Autism Spectrum. Guests on the show will be Carol Bailey, this month's cover feature for Sepia... more

There is no place in scripture that supports the type of conversation that reherses and magnifies challenges above God. Tune in as Pastor Traci delivers a message that will expose the source of clutter that demishes the effectiveness of... more

Join the Conversation! Gwen Hill the host of Gail @ work will discuss ways to build the skills that can turn conflicts into opportunities! Let's face it conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. After all, two people can't be expected to... more

Part 2 of tonight's show.

Changing the conversation to influence people to live healthy and hopeful in every area.

We can't feel our spirit so how can we know our spiritual self? What role does our soul play in our relationship to God and others? The soul has the ability to understand the spiritual self through revelation (what's revealed to your mind),... more

Interview with Amanda Bishop, who got involved when she saw the story of Shanesa Taylor's arrest because she left her two young children in the car while she went for a job interview. Ms. Bishop, who is also unemployed, started a... more

Changing the conversation to influence people to live healthy and hopeful in every area.

Tonight we talk about the challenges of dating if you are a strong, successful black woman.
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