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Listen to Holistic, Spiritual, Psychic, Higher Conscious and Metaphysical Hosts. Live shows, profiles, chat, forums, prizes and more... for a healthy body, an enlightened mind and an renewed spirit ..

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Unveiling the Psychic Truth- Courtney Overfield give listeners the truth about being a psychic, what it's like impacting others and topics such as mediumship, growing up psychic, psychic sniping and more! This month's topic: Inner workings of a psychic, how to work with your own personal gifts, is this the profession for you. Call in to listen at 646-378-0378!
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Ascension in the New Year… what will that be like, what can we expect, how can we move into this easily and joyfully? Well, tonight on InTouch Interviews, Eve Wilson joins us to expand on those thoughts and to bring us the... more

Chrissie welcomes Karen Jarldane, a specialist in Earth Energies to her On the Edge program today. Karen practices geomancy, dowsing and sacred geometry design and has studied extensively with world renowned masters in the fields of... more

Thank YOU for joining us in this interactive radio show and emergency task force, Chrissie Blaze leads us with inspirational thoughts, guided meditations and power prayers for strength, love and inspiration. Our power prayers radiate... more

Welcome to Lighting the Path! This show places the focus on the growth and transformation of consciousness in individuals and society. Your hosts, Tammy Braswell, Rheisa K. Barres and David Winfree bring their unique gifts and talents... more

Begin any adventure in your life with a positive, pro-active mind-set and be amazed at what you can accomplish! Mondays 8am (EST) we'll spend a few minutes setting our intentions for our highest good there by creating the lives we... more

As our society searches for meaning, the Mayan perspective offers a fresh path towards the innerself, where the only Truth resides. Mayan calendar researcher and expert, John Pugno and Aoghain Lakes , Holistic and Clinical Massage... more

Adrianna's Mystic Connections is LIVE the 2nd Saturday each and every month and you are encouraged to join us for thoughtful conversation, genuine insights and the lessons Spirit has to share channeled through Adrianna and her... more

Chef and author Valerie Wilson brings Healthy Cooking to you the first Friday of each month 1-2pm (est) to give you the tips and recipes as well as makes herself available to answer your questions about a macrobiotic (living close to nature)... more

Colleen Mills is the president and founding member of the Citizens for Peace, a nonprofit, grassroots group whose ?mission is to be responsive community leaders centered on learning, educating and facilitating the practices and... more

You are invited to come along for a marvelous journey by spending time with Martha D'Anna and her fascinating guests the first Thursday of each month as she present Journeys In Wellness. Martha's December program is about a... more
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