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Topics concerning current events politics, love and life. I am a retired detective who investigated many homicides and major crimes. I have worked with the late Phil Vannatter, the lead detective in the OJ Simpson murder case, Dr. Michael Baden the retired forensic pathologist from New York City, Dr. Cyril Wecht, pathologist from Allegheny County, Pittsburgh in teaching law enforcement personnel. One of my cases was featured on an episode of The FBI Files. I have been in a bi-racial relationship for thirteen years. Racism is a big topic for me. I worked security for some of the wealthiest people in the world in Boca Raton, Florida. I served in the military during the Vietnam War. I have worked executive protection and transportation and I have driven many corporate executives and celebrities like Sarah Palin, Katie Couric, Cameron Diaz, Roger Federer, T. Boon Pickens, Robin Williams, Al Sharpton, I can go on and on.I have a nice retirement job working outside operations for The PGA in Port St Lucie, FL. I want to be in your home listening to your beliefs, I want to hear your thoughts, ideas, loves, strengths and weaknesses. Lets talk and get your point across.

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Time to get back on the air. Need to rant about the war in Iraq...And yes liberals and Obama supporters, it is a war again in Iraq... I was insulted and ridiculed by a liberal relative about my conservative show. Well to freekin bad...I am going to... more

Time to get back on the Air. I was accused by a liberal relative of ranting. Well I am going to rant my ass off about politics, police work, sports and the morons in the NFL that are beating up women and their kids. Lets talk about the LA Cop... more

I have been off the air for over a week so it's time to check in with all of my friends, relatives, listeners from Ohio, Florida, around the country, and on Facebook. Lets talk politics, ISIS, Ali Bama (our loving leader), and The Browns... more

Once again "ON THE AIR" for 30 minutes today at 6:30pm. So tune in and let me vent about what's going on in Furgeson, Missouri. It sounds like this cop has been convicted already in the media. As a retired law enforcement agent, this... more

I am a retired policed detective and I want to touch on the Furgeson Missouri shooting. Touch on Irag and comment on my liberal friends.. Only a half hour show which goes fast....

It's been several weeks since I have been on the air, so it's time to get caught up. Only a half hour show so let's get re-aquainted quickly. I want to talk briefly about Robin Williams and suicide. I had a police partner who commited suicide back in... more

A Thursday Night show this week. I have to pick up my fans. Tapering off a little. A half hour show at 11pm. A lot of you might be in bed by then so listen to the tape. Talking the CAVS and the Love trade as well as your... more


Bobby Jaksa took his talents(his big mouth) to South Florida. Now he is using it behind a microphone. Love talking politics. A big day with the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision and Ali Bama preparing executive action to pursue... more

Lets talk about the political goings on in our country and around the world. Whether your a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican, what's going on is distressing. Our borders, Iraq and Afghanistan, crime, and taxes. Time to let me... more
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