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Experience Spiritual wisdom from Gregory as channeled by Bobbie G. Ask your questions both personal and cosmic. Open to your higher wisdom and learn what steps you might choose to move forward with more ease and grace in you life. Each question heals us all. Each answer heals us all. Bobbie G is the author of THE GREGORY CHRONICLES: THE CHOICE (available at or For More information Please visit WWW.BOBBIEG.COM.

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How to deal with the loss of loved ones. How to know that all is well. How to say goodbye for now and heal. Come hear Gregory continuum input on the process of leaving physical body and the best way for those still here to deal with this process.
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Come join our Gregory Continuum family for general readings and special messages. We will just leave the topic open to see what will come through to enlighten and inform us about how to move forward on the fantastic life journey.

There are many ways Spirit has to connect with us. Come learn abour the delightful creativity of spirit, and how we can be more open to the vibrations they send forth to assist us in manifesting our highest good.

Come join us for General information about life as we help you amplify your energy to connect with your own spiritual wisdom. Ask your questions and allow us to fine tune your own ability to connect with spirit. Enjoy.

Come enjoy more information on how to open to your own spiritual gifts. Ask questions to clarify any awarnesses you have gathered from utilizing the message and suggestions from last show. Touch bases with the energy that grows... more

Come join us as Gregory shares multiple ways to increase your own abilities to be in touch with spirit and your guides. Ask questions to increase your own abilities to channel for yourself and/or others.

Lets talk about how life is met to be a joy. Lets share the beauty of this physical experience to help you raise your level of joy. Come Join Gregory and Me with questions to enliven and enjoy your life more fully to "Let The Good Times Roll"

We are back to share with you the fantastic adventures that kept us away a whole week. Come Join us, share and learn how to connect with your own spiritual gifts

What is love. How can I learn to express the love I feel appropriately in life. How can I move beyond fear into the love that manifests the magnificence I came here to be. Come Join Gregory Continuum and Bobbie G to explore these... more

Come join us in cellebration of life and hearing the messages from the Gregory Continuum. Ask questions to help you focus into the fantastic life you came here to live. Enjoy the Messages from Gregory Guides and others.

Experience Spiritual Wisdom from Gregory as Channeled by Bobbie G. Open to your higher knowing & move into the wonder-filled life you desire with new years messages from Gregory. Join the thousands of listeners who have enjoyed our... more
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