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The Jewish Community Center of North & South Brunswick New Jersey

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Rabbi Robert Wolkoff discusses spirituality as it relates to repentance.

Rabbi Rabbi Wolkoff and Mark Winwood, founder and resident teacher of the Tibetan Buddhist "Chenrezig Project" engage in a conversation examining their faith's philosophies and practices around dying, death and the after-death... more

Ninth and last of a series. Details to follow.

Eighth in a series. Details to follow

Many of us today seek spiritual experience, but find that our religion of rules and rituals impedes our search. The Isbitzer Rebbe, a great 19th century spiritual master, struggled with the same problem. His sermon on the link between... more

Seventh in a series on Anti-Semitism. Mel Brooks' takeoff from History of the World notwithstanding, the Inquisition and the expulsion from Spain were together one of the great nightmares of the Jewish people, rivalling the destruction of... more

One of the greatest distortions of historical perspective is the claim that the Muslim world was "tolerant." Although life for Jews was almost always better in the medieval Muslim world than in the Christian world, a high price had to... more

Do Jews Have Horns? Find out the truth at our next class on anti-Semitism, February 19 after evening minyan. From the time of the Crusades, medieval Christians developed one bizarre fantasy after another regarding Jews. From the... more

The Empire Strikes Back Christianity began as a religion of humility and martyrdom. Within a matter of centuries, it became the official religion of the Roman Empire. The sudden infusion of imperial power, combined with a... more

Topic: Christian Anti-Semitism: The theological origins Unlike pre-Christian anti-Semitism, the hatred for ?the synagogue? in early Christianity was virtually existential. In this session, we will explore the theological issues with which... more
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