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Free Thinkers Nation (FTN) is an organization to uphold truth and justice above all authority and material things.

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To contrary of most people music does more than just relaxes you or stimulate your emotions. They're R actual healing properties to music that can heal a lot mental and emotional disorders. FTNR's hosts Ace & AsaFoBMP Xpand on... more

Back at it w/ da series "Da Music Forum" as FTNR's hosts AsaFoBMP & Ace Xplore da realms of music. Also Special Guest interviews w/ upcoming artist from the Boston area Vention & upcoming artist/producer Yetty B *Keep dat... more

What is music? What does music mean to you? Why do artists xperience writer's block? In this episode FTNR's AsaFoBMP & AceBMP host Xplore these these topics. Also a special guest interview w/ upcoming artist LakeDMT.

"The best thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Bob Marley. FTNR's hosts Ace & AsaFoBMP discuss da influence of da world w/ a Special guests interview w/ Zen Gnarly & Foolish Genius.

Commonly mistaken as '"Junk DNA" or ruled out as a religious superstition 666 being the mark of the devil but in science its the atomic combination for Carbon....Figga dat FTNR hosts AsaFoBMP, Ace, & MensaSMoov break down... more

There is a set criteria a government should hold for its people. Water, food, shelter just to name a few. BMP Magnates MensaSMoov, Ace, & AsaFoBMP discuss their perspective on this concept.

One of the Greatest tactic known in history 2 break up a nation. Still practiced 2 this day amongst the melanated people. FTNR's hosts AsaFoBMP, MensaSMoov, & Ace share their perspective.

One of the best ways to break down a unit of people is to make them believe they're different amongnst themselves to divide their unit. A very well know strategy in history that to this day still seperates Our People. FTNR's host's... more

A lot of things that we used to believe serve us R now proving themselves to B unecessary. In this new paradigm of the Information Age it is important 2 let go of what no longer serves us.

Energy can never B created nor destroyed only transformed or transported. In this case positive & negative EnerGy gets transported through DNA. We R a combination of all ancestars.