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The Blurry Vision Show

The Blurry Vision Show


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World-renowned hosts alternate weekly to bring you the funnest interviews/self-help/deeply philosophical shows on the net - always served up with a twist.

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This improv skit has us tuned into The Trailer Park Shopping Mart where hosts Tristan and Theresa showcase an exclusive item for anyone who loves putting things in their mouth - wink, wink. Irresistable price - unbeatable give-aways... more

The popular Mama Millie's Show is full of great womanly advice but today Grandpa decides he wants part of the show's action. How will Mama Millie handle her 90-year-old grandpa's senility take-over? Only by listening will you find... more

Our beautiful host, Kathren, gets into BIG trouble for teaching a man how to put on make-up on her "How to be Beautiful" show. ____________ Join the Blurry Vision Team weekly as they feature different hosts, guests, topics, and relatable... more

Host Taylor is honored to have the well-known motivational speaker, Franchesca, talk about perfection - how to be perfect in every moment of your life. But when Franchesca can't tailor this show to her perfect liking, all perfection breaks... more

Your incredibly fun, entertaining and totally clueless hosts, Matt & Rowena, give advice to a few email subscribers about how to handle sticky situations regarding their automobiles. The information they provide on Car-Fo! will impact and... more

Bobby, one of this country's unknown top addiction counselors, focuses on helping Shelly Speed Freak find solutions to her coming down off her high. Listen to the magical dance of counselor and counselee as together they discover... more

Improv Teacher, Herbert, reveals to you and his other listeners the BIG secret to improv that no one knows about. AND he gives a potential student the opportunity to audition for his exclusive master class. Listen as he works that... more

Online Radio World Famous Pennee Pumpernikle invites Top Unknown Chef Jean Gonzzalezz to cook something fabulously international. The subject - Crepes. Learn all the ins and outs of this simply complicated recipe. And both... more

This weeks host is Guru Medidiktatoor - a self-proclaimed guru of meditation that has a huge success rate at teaching the most helpless, and at times hopeless, how to meditate, how to find their center, how to be enlightened, in minutes!... more

Dr. Billy Bob Smyth Joans, internationally-known online certified psychiatrist, helps today's lucky caller, Priscilla, get over the sadness of having a son in jail. And the bonus compassionate, philanthropist gesture at the end of the... more