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Blunt Sessions with Harriet Thugman

Blunt Sessions with Harriet Thugman


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"So blunt, you can smoke my truth".A show dedicated to culture, politics, LGBT rights, good music, atheism, feminism, sex and everything in between!

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We are going to tackle this hair thing head on, no pun intended! There's been a substantial amount of discourse&dialogue regarding perms, weaves and natural hair texture. Are natural women condescending towards women that alter their... more

We've all heard it; light-skin is the "right skin". Dark skin is ugly. Dark-skinned women and men are more prone to violence/robberies/crime. Plenty of Black people refuse to admit it but colorism REALLY does exist. Both light-skinned... more

Have you grown weary of hearing this bogus claim that homosexuality is a choice? tune in! I plan to refute religious ideologies, illustrate religious folk as hypocrites (which is always amusing), prove that homosexuality is NOT a choice... more

stud for stud? A butch with another butch? a top with a top? A bear with a bear? Hey, I thought gay people were into the whole gender role thang! who are these butch4butch people and why are they challenging heteronormativity? Let's talk... more

"Ex-gay" is a term used to describe persons who once considered themselves to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but who no longer assert that identity. Is this real? Can you "pray your gay away"? Are these people in denial or are they truly... more

Monogamy is silly! Polyamory is for people that want to be sluts! Humans are not designed to be with one person! Monogamy is outdated! Polyamorous people are riddled with diseases! There has been plenty of banter surrounding the ideas of... more

This Tuesday, Thugman will discuss relations between Black men and Black women. Why do Black men hate black women? Why do they expect Black women to love them when they revere the "snow bunny"? Why are they so vocal with... more

After a much-anticipated debut, Blunt Sessions with Harriet Thugman is finally here! I'm going to dive right into the two most controversial elements of my identity. Why am I atheist? Why am I a lesbian? Why do I hate God and love... more

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