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The Program that takes the mystery out of Tech. A former corporate executive, Jim Blue makes sure your technology matches your personal and business needs.

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Planning a career change in 2012? Is 2012 the year you will finally act and follow your gut? Whether you are stuck in an unrewarding job or just burned out, you are not alone. Do you need to brush up on your basic computer skills, require help... more

Today's guest is Peggy Dau, the founder and managing partner for MAD Perspectives LLC, a consultancy providing management consulting and social media empowerment services to technology sector companies, and LinkedIn... more

Is your Social Media Strategy working for you? Today's guest is Tamar Russell, who has her own graphic and web design studio in New York and relies heavily on Social Media to promote her business. In addition to providing her... more

Today's guest is Bennett Kleinberg, a Vice President at Goodman Media International, a leading public relations firm based in New York City, specializing in media relations and large-scale media initiatives for major corporations... more

There is always a great deal of activiity going on in the world of Technology. The one thing that is constant is that there will always be change and something new will be introduced, almost on a daily basis. Today, Jim Blue will discuss some... more

Apple has now introduced yet another ?smartphone,? the iPhone 4S. The market share war, which includes Apple (iPhones), Google (Androids), and RIM (Blackberrys) is now in high gear. Apple has already reduced the price of some... more

One of the most important contributions of the Internet has been the ability of people to maintain lines of communication with family, friends and business associates around the world. While e-mail, Facebook and other social media... more

Summer and vacation time is over. Time to make sure your technology supports your personal and business needs. When is the last time your computer had a checkup? Are you looking to upgrade your equipment? Should you be buying a... more

Today's guest is Andrew Philip, an executive recruiter based in New York City. A former senior executive in the consumer products industry, Andy established his search firm in 1994 specializing in the recruitment of executives within the... more

Career in Transition? Have you or someone you know left corporate life recently as a result of either downsizing or to start a new business? Are you looking for a job or reentering the job market? Do you understand how technology... more
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