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The Program that takes the mystery out of Tech. A former corporate executive, Jim Blue makes sure your technology matches your personal and business needs.

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Today's guest is Dr. Frank Corigliano, currently a Postdoctoral Psychology Resident specializing in telepsychology in New York. He is working on two exciting projects at the intersection of psychology and technology. Dr. Corigliano... more

Today's guest is David Inns, currently President and CEO of GreatCall Inc., the creator of the Jitterbug cell phone and a leader in wireless services focused on helping customers stay connected, safe and healthy; David also sits on the... more

Planning a business or pleasure trip overseas? Do you have a child studying abroad? Keeping in touch while traveling to other countries can be very costly. Fortunately, there are many Internet based programs that have reduced the... more

What is E-mail Marketing and why should it be part of your Social Media Strategy? Today's guest is Ellen DePasquale Williams, Constant Contact's Regional Development Director for New York State and Southern Connecticut.... more

Are you concerned about the security of your data on your computer and mobile devices? Today's guest is John Simek, the Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc. John has a national reputation as a digital forensics technologist and has... more

We are living in a mobile world. Chances are that you are using your smartphone and tablet more than your computer for e-mail and information. Are your mobile devices secure? Do you know how to find them if they are lost? Today's guest... more

According to a number of surveys published last week, sales of personal computers fell nearly 14% during the first quarter of this year. Why the decrease? The reasons include the surge in sales of tablets and smartphones, people... more

Today's guest is Stephanie Ward, a marketing coach for entrepreneurs who want to create meaningful and prosperous businesses. Stephanie is known for helping business owners "get clear" about their business and then generating marketing... more

Do you have a maintenance schedule for your computer? Chances are you bring your car in for servicing on a regular basis. Is an annual physical on your calendar? How about a visit to the dentist and eye doctor? Your computer... more

Why are senior citizens embracing technology? More than half of the people in the US, 65 and over, are using the Internet. More than 1/3rd of this age group is using social media with Facebook being the leading site. The comment I hear... more
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