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Credit Smart Credit Sharp

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Get better interest rates and better loans

Get lower insurance rates

Get a lower monthly mortgage payment

Increase your ability to purchase real estate


Our credit program is designed for anyone who has a credit history they would like to have amended. Whether you’ve had major set- back in your past or you just have a few blemishes on your credit report, allow our staff of credit experts to work with you and have you back on track in no time. Before you know it,  you will be enjoying the benefits of excellent credit once again.


The  Credit Smart Credit Sharp - TAKE CHARGE Seminar and Workshop is  a  hands on, workshop, to  help  stamp out  Financial Illiteracy.

If worried about  your  credit rating you are  not  alone.  Millions  of  Americans face credit disadvantges or difficulties.  The  Credit Smart Credit Sharp Workshop will  help you put  your  Credit challenges behind you  and  help  you  manage your  credit to keep a  good  credit  score.  You  will learn how credit  works, how to use credit  properly, how to improve your  file and score or just manage your credit file. Good  Credit is  a  necessity, especially in today's economy.  Join us  and  find  out  How  to Increase  your  CREDIT  SCORE.


 The lack of  Credit Education and Knowledge is costing consumers more and more.


The primary focus of the Credit Smart Credit Sharp workshop and seminars  is for Financial Education, Money/Debt Management, Credit Education and Counseling.


This workshop is designed to educate consumers about credit and money management.   We believe that financial education is the KEY to many of the problems consumers face today.  We have made it our goal to provide a variety of educational services designed to help individuals  take control of their finances by understanding and  improving their spending habits, budgeting, saving, and how to  use  credit  wisely.




We offer Education 

Products & Service 


Add  positive Credit

 Score Power

Certified Instructors and 


Webinar, books, and cds

Credit Report all 3

Credit Score all 3



Add Tuition/mbrship

$10.00 and a $2500.00


Try Our

CreditXpert Detective 

CreditXpert Essentials

CreditXper Simulator


Includes a FREE TRI- Merge

Credit Report with Scores


Price Only

Discover the most powerful Credit Secret that can BOOST  your Score faster.



Please visit:www.creditsmartcreditsharp.org



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