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The second episode of BBB Has Spoken Today we will be discussing... The 10 Pitfalls Of Dating A Beautiful Woman... more

The final installment to our 3 part series The Role That A Man Plays In A Woman's Life This one is about being her support system and all that requires from you, this will be a MUST listen! Enjoy! Much LOVE, BBB CALL IN!... more

Our very first episode of BBB Has Spoken!! 3 days a week we will discuss the newest relationship news and stories that have everyone talking in relation to men, women, life or relationships! We hope you enjoy this journey as much... more

CALLERS from Thursday's show! This is for you. We apologize truly, we ran short on time. Call back Friday so we can hear your thoughts! Part 2 of 2 for The Role A Man Plays In Woman's Life. Lover. We want to hear from YOU! Much... more

Part 2 of our 3 part series on the role that a man plays in a woman's life, today we are discussing the role of the lover. If you missed part one. here it... more

A 3 part series about the role that a man plays in a woman's life. Men NEED to hear this! @BloveBBB @BBBfit @BBeautifulBBB

So you're in a relationship with one, you also want to talk to or "hang out" with another one. What you need to hear about having other women around besides your girlfriend/wife. @BloveBfitBBeaut @BLoveBBB @BBBfit @BBeautifulBBB

This is for everytime we've been harassed about pictures, each time we were told to send more, and each time we have had specific requests on how the picture should look! Should get interesting! @BloveBBB @BBBfit @BBeautifulBBB

The age old question, the ladies of BBB discuss it! Enjoy! @BloveBBB @BBBfit @BBeautifulBBB

When you have the "Ex" conversation with a new boyfriend, how much do you tell about past relationships? How honest is to honest? Find out here! @BloveBBB @BBBfit @BbeautifulBBB