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Gumbo Talk: As bad as I want to breathe!

  • Broadcast in Motivation



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I find myself often thinking back to my youth and what I did that there is no way on this green earth I'd do now. Then sometimes I ponder the thought of wanting to do now, what I didn't do then. After witnessing the catostrphic events chained together lately in a seemingly epic melody of calamity, I am more frequently preparing myself for the storm. Yes, there are hurricanes, fires, and wars to discuss, but I'm talking about the times we are in a whirlwind of learning and growth. It takes a churning effort to move some of us toward a new way of thinking. I once heard your wanting for success and growth has to be as bad as you want to breathe if you were nearing your last breath. We have no other option in this cyclical calamity we are living, but to want to be more than we were by striving for thriving. This episode is an open opportunity for us to grab a hold of what we need now to carry with us into the future. At the same time leaving what we once held to tightly that needed to be dropped or destroyed so we can have more space for expansion in our lives. I must admit I am guily of not taking heed to my own advice sometimes. Let's talk about our willingness to step out of the shadows. Let's pontificate on what it takes to go the extra mile. We can leave the Gumbo Talk with plans and goals to move what winds and water couldn't. We can takes our dreams from slumber to lumber and build on our hopes. It is necessary that we listen to the griots. It is our great awakening of this era. Our futures depend on us making the tough decisions, by living to strive through tough times. As bad as I want to breathe, I want to thrive.