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Max Millionz Entertainment Enterprise INC, looks to offer his love for TV, Film, Production, Modeling & Mgmt. to those willing to help themselves. He's making dreams come true. JOIN us and our Movement.

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How to build a career as an artist. Here's a post for all the people who are trying to be artists. It is not a friendly post. I do not think that people who want to create art need to get paid to do it. Do you get paid to have sex? No. Same thing. You love it, but you just do it after work. And sometimes, if you are driven mad by it, you leave work in the middle of the day for it. Treat art the same way, and you will stay sane. Really. Here are five things I would nag you about if you were talking with me about your burgeoning career as an artist:
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When you feel you've done everything you can think of -- you've planted all the seeds necessary -- but are still waiting around to reap the harvest, it's hard not to get discouraged. Here are four reasons why your dreams still... more

You have to literally speak your position in life if you ever want to obtain Success and Entertainment in this... more

1. Build confidence and self esteem. Girls that complete high school will go on to contribute to society. 2. Women with confidence and who know their self worth will make better choices. They are less likely to abuse drugs/alcohol or enter into... more

THE DREAM COME TRUE FOUNDATION We are talent scouts and mentors. The Dream Come True Foundation identifies high-potential individuals and families who are on the edge of success who need assistance to make their... more

I now believe there can be no success in a vacuum. You cannot just be successful at work. You, your life, your very being is meant for more and to explore and fulfill that destiny, that legacy, that is what this blog will now assist... more

There are many different kinds of Success and Entertainment. Let's take a look a few of and different kinds of both of and find your road.

It's imperative and important to know where your going in your career 1 2 & 3 thing that must be accomplished Event design & planning as part of your team Pre-event marketing Destination & venue advice, booking and liaison Participant... more

There's a method to this madness, Can adjust would be the reason and cure for you. Make it a problem to solve ASAP

Its all about the discussions when you talk about entertainment.

The Entertainment business can really work for you if you have the drive to do this project. if you share and can work with any lead performance.such as any stage performance? Lets talk about that. Join me on this issue at 6pm right hear... more