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Marco P. Pinto has been falsely accused and has been expedited to the santa clara county jail where he awaits to be seen before a judge to face these FALSE accusations and harsh charges they are trying to pin on him. This man has sacrificed so much for his friends and family. He is a hard working man with a fiance that is dying of cancer whom he loves with his every existence...he also cares for the two children his fiance has custody of & He is also about to be a father. This man is INNOCENT people. LETS NOT LET THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT & COURT SYSTEMS TAKE DOWN YET ANOTHER INNOCENT MAN. EVERY YEAR HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE GET WRONGFULLY CONVICTED & LOCKED BEHIND BARS WASTING AWAY YEARS OF THEIR LIVES...SOME EVEN SENTENCED TO DEATH...ALL DUE TO INADEQUATE REPRESENTATION, POLICE MISCONDUCT, PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT, FALSE TESTIMONY BY WITNESS, MISTAKEN EYEWITNESS IDENTIFICATION, PERJURED TESTIMONY, FALSE INFORMANT TESTIMONY, ERRONEOUS JURY INSTRUCTIONS, JUNK SCIENCE, & MORE...IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME...CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.>>  http://www.deathpenalty.org/article.php?id=407  << WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK!!!! LET'S GET MARCO P. PINTO HOME FREE...& FIGHT FOR MORE INNOCENT DEFENDANTS FREEDOMS!!!!! PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THIS CAUSE....


TAKE ONE STEP I HELPING ONE & THAT'S PROOF RIGHT THERE THAT WE CAN HELP OUT MILLIONS MORE.    RADIO WAVE REBELLION....STANDIN' UP AGAINST CORRUPTION...also let our local underground artists shine across the WORLD. From New York to New Zealand...From Cali to the Cayman islands...Artists Stand Up!!! Lets Represent Justice!!!  Lets Free Our People From A Life Of LockDown!!!! Get Ready!!!!KEEP IT LOCKED!!!!!!!