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Unleashed..overstimulated,over caffeinated and often mad as hell, Sebastian comes at you with varied topics from kites to politics, from tye dye to gaming the renaissance maniac brings his knowledge to you! (Warning adult language and situations)

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Winding up the ole engines

After a fabulous start Sebastian comes back with aim to change the world one ear at a time, talking about whatever comes to mind and then some he firmly knows that his fans are the most loyal and ravenous, so join us and see what... more

After a Long and needed break away from the chaos of my own mind I am back with a new vision and a fire that I cant put out. Live free or die! yeah or something like that. join me as I rant, rave, storm and scream at whatever gets in our way... more

Join me for another run thru the fields of insanity as I take an irreverant look at the world, relationships and anything else that comes in view. so join me, toss in your two cents or shoot me an idea to slap around, the show is... more

Join me for another run thru the field of insanity as I try and find new ways to offend,irriatate and generally piss off most anyone I come into contact with. As we go into another season of FTB we here at Wunderwerks want to... more

Livin life, lovin the livin and want to share the insanitiy with the world, questions, answers and all the goodies inbetween join me and we can laugh and learn something along the way...why not. guests, callers and who knows...me calling... more

HEY GANG!!! join me as I pop one off and dive into another round in the madness that rolls around in here...stop by say hi, toss in your 4.30 cents *adjusted for inflation*

Another week almost gone! so stop by and help us bid the week good bye and good riddance we take a toung in cheek look at life,love and anything else we can poke with a stick. so pour a drink put the kidlets to bed and join us!

Just a little something new to try and see how it goes....tech you name it home automation,internet,cars. you name it I will probably touch on it. and as always if you have any questions or comments feel free to call in and say hi!

HEY we made it thru the week and didnt pull a Clarkson and punch anyone, so join me for topics of the day, sarcasm in the highest order and mayhem like no other on air.
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