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Host Deardra Shuler talks to Charles Bobbit, James Brown friend and manager. Bobbit will talk about his rags to riches story with Deardra. Bobbit also managed Michael Jackson and was the personal advisor to President Omar Bongo of Gabon. Born in 1930, in the back woods of North Carolina, Charles was whisked to Brooklyn, NY by his eldest sister after the loss of his mother to cancer. During his young adult years, he worked as a porter. He later worked for the New York City Transit Authority, laying rails at night. Later he deemed the entertainment industry was an escape from menial labor, although he could neither sing nor dance. Mr. Bobbit's first introduction to the realization of his dream was when he first saw Mr. James Brown, ?The Godfather of Soul? perform at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY. He was awestruck and proclaimed to his wife that he would one day work as Brown's Personal Manager. Although thwarted originally, by 1965, he won a job as James Brown's valet and later became Brown's friend and manager up to the day Brown died. The book, "Making it Happen," tells Brown and Bobbitt's story. It was Mr Bobbit who gave James Brown the title, ?Godfather of Soul.? Bobbit was instrumental in the arrangement of ?Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud.? and the musical scores for the movie, ?Black Caesar,? starring Fred Williamson. Bobbit met President Omar Bongo of Gabon and worked with Bongo's son cutting a few albums. The family hired Bobbit as their advisor taking Bobbit to heights that he couldn't even imagine. He later worked with Michael Jackson becoming his friend and confidante.

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Legendary scribe and Sports caster Doc Stanley hosts his renowned radio show, Sportz in Depth. Him and his Posse have a quick Pow-Wow and bring you the Mid-Week sports shorts. TURST IN GOD.

Legendary Scribe and sports caster, Doc Stanley hosts his renowned radio show, Sports in Depth. Doc and his posse, Dead Eye Dusty, Shotgun Mel Smith and Gun-smoke Raymond. The Doctor on his trusty steed Sayhey rides the trails,... more

Legendary scribe and sports caster Doc Stanley hosts his renowned radio show Sports in Depth. With "Call in the Doctor/A point well taken" With call in co-host WWF star Mel Smith Jr. . TRUST IN GOD

Denise Turney sits down with Valerie Coleman, founder of Dayton, Ohio’s Pen to Paper Literary Symposium and the author of Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box. Turney and Coleman discuss steps that writers, musicians and singers can take... more

Mystic Deva "The Mystic Within You" We are part of the divine collective whole and unique human individuals. Tune in and get the scoop on how "The Mystic Within" communicates with you and listens to your commands. Find out which... more

Legendary scribe and sports caster Doc Stanley, hosts his renowned radio show Sports in Depth. With Mel Smith Jr. co-hosting and calling the Doctor. TRUST IN GOD

Legendary Scribe and Sports Caster Doc Stanley hosts his renowned radio show, Sports In Depth. Doc and his posse once again ride the ever changing plains and trails of sports. Bringing facts, truth and sanity along the trail of sports.... more

Mystic Deva "2010 Intimate Moments w/Self “ As we bring a close to 2010, the year of self-expression and revelation. Tune in and find out if your intimate moments were divinely created or did they reveal your unfinished business? Did... more

legendary Scribe and Sports Caster, Doc Stanley host his renowned radio show Sports In Depth. Doc, leads his sports posse once again on the sports trail rounding up the interviews, lassoing the issues, branding the controversies and... more

From The BlakeRadio Network Archives February 2004 - Nu Afrakan Renaissance woman Imakhu Mwt Shekemet also known as Eyele Yetunde interviews Abiodun Oyewole one of the founding members of the music and spoken-word group... more
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