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The Blair Nash Chronicles Sex Lie

'The Blair Nash Chronicles: Sex Lie


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Talk show detailing the dysfunction in dating and stories of relationships from a rarely-discussed, extremely transparent perspective

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When "love don't live there anymore".....how do you get out without being devastated & left in financial ruin? Thinkzilla Consulting client attorney Kemay Jackson of KL Jackson Law will be sitting down with "The Blair Nash Chronicles"... more

Were you aware that gonorrhea can blind & kill you?Did you know there's an STD spreading called ?Blue Waffle?? People say ?I'm using a condom….so i don't hafta worry about that..?People think ?I'm married/exclusive….not s

Before the knee-jerk responses of ?whatever? or ?they must not be REAL men? happen, ladies: step back & ask yourself – why is almost every….critical…statement our brothers make about sisters a bad... more

According to Census stats: the ratio of women to men in the U.S. is about 145M women to roughly 139M men. Broken down into more manageable terms – for every 100 sistas, that's about 87 brothas. As the adage says: NUMBERS... more

In pop culture: "Friend Zone" refers to a platonic place wherein one person wishes for romantic/sexual relations – while the other party does not. Generally it's an undesirable space for the interested, lovelorn person to be in.Once the... more

CHESTER GREGORY…..is an American success story. Through dedication and hard work he built his passion for the arts into a career, making a name for himself when he burst onto the theater scene as Jackie Wilson in original... more

We'll be discussing Tyler Perry's new film "TEMPTATION: Confessions Of A Marriage Cousnelor"

Ask just about any man out there: nothing changes energy of a conversation quicker than a woman who just verbally replied that…..she's…celibate! BUT……what are the long term, residual effects from abstinence.... more

There's been a shift in how society views unmarried parents with children.Whatever the perception, the majority of single people with children want to date, find love…and eventually forge a relationship with someone... more