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My name is Jerry Ciolino and I am the host of the Jerry Ciolino show which is a bi weekly political talk show. On the Jerry Ciolino show I discuss politics beyond the false left-right paradigm which the political establishment has kept us boxed in and toward the truth that politics is about right vs wrong not left vs right.

On-Demand Episodes

On this first ever simulcast at blogtalkradio.com and ustream.tv http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jerry-ciolino-show I will talk about Medicare cuts in the health care bill, the request of Chicago city politicians to send the national... more

On todays show I will expose the discriminatory nature of the health care bill with its exemptions for unions, members of congress and other elitists, and its efforts to turn a right into a privalege with its "religious conscience exemption." A... more

On this weeks show I will discuss the health care "reform" bill that was recently passed by congress and the recently released video by wikileaks of US murdering Iraqi civilians.

This is the March 21st 2010 broadcast of the Jerry Ciolino Show the topics for this broadcast are Texas residents have spotted Mexican military helicopters on the US side of the border, US government drugs dealing and the 5th and... more

On todays show I will talk about the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reasons why I am not taking the swine flu vaccine, key reauthorizations of the Patriot Act and a bill introduced in the senate by John McCain and Joe Lieberman which would allow the... more

The 3/7/10 Broadcast of the Jerry Ciolino Show, on this brodcast I will talk about the intrusive questions on US census forms, the first 2 of 6 reasons why I am not taking the swine flue vaccine and the reauthorization of key portions of the... more

subjects are a school in Pensylvania is getting sued for using webcams in school issued laptops to spy on students in their own homes and how big corporations like Microsoft and google have similar access to nearly all laptops, desktops,... more

On todays show I discuss the Cyber Security Act, Depleted Uranimum killing our troops and more.

I know I blew it on the first broadcast so I will try better on this one. On this broadcast I will talk about a recent supreme court ruling allowing corporations to spend as much as they want on political campaigns while individuals are still... more

This is the first ever episode of the Jerry Ciolino show, I will introduce myself and tell you a little about what to expect from this show.