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Black Women Talk

Black Women Talk


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Rhonda and Renee have been friends for ten years and been through the ups and downs of raising kids as single moms, buying a house alone, marriage and divorce and of course dating. We are women just like you talking about everyday issues that affect black women. We are Black Women Talking

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Black Men Revealed used to come on Sundays at 10 on TV 1 and I loved listening to what the men were saying. Sometimes they made me laugh and sometimes I wanted to throw a shoe at the TV. But no matter what it was a... more

OK the dialogue after the Single and Happy show has been going on so we are doing another show! Join us for this one. I have no idea what is going to happen!

A recent report said that 42.8% of black women will never get married. Those statistics seem very grim to most black women. But here's a thought- can you be happy and single? We definitely want women and men to call in and talk about... more

What food is guaranteed to lower a woman's sex drive--wedding cake! This is an old joke but is it really true? As women get older (30s and 40s)we hit our sexual peak and find that it's the men who are complaining about headaches and being... more

Deborrah Cooper wrote an article on the above topic and it caused a storm of reactions in the African American community. She has been on numerous radio shows most recently Michael Baisden. However, she wasn't able to talk much... more

As adults, we have the freedom and responsibility to explore other faiths, if for no other reason than to become more tolerant. However, we have seen that some African-American Christians can be very intolerant of other beliefs. Why is that?... more

Tyler Perry discussed the topic Why DID I Get Married? Today Rhonda and Renee will discuss Why SHOULD I Get Married? What are the benefits of marriage? Are people getting married because they think they should? Does... more

So you go out a few times with a guy. You seem to hit it off. He calls often. Are you dating? If you sleep with him after 3-5 dates are you dating now? At what point are you dating? Is dating exclusive or can you see other people? Rhonda... more

People have sometimes told us that we we're not black enough. We talk too "white". I have had my black card taken away on more than one occasion when people find out I actually like country music. So what does being black enough... more

Growing up I can remember my grandmother telling me not to bring home a white boy. Since I went first to an all black school and then all girl Catholic school , I didn't know any white boys so it didn't matter. But then I grew up and white men... more