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Unlawful Captives

  • Broadcast in Politics
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Jason X and Forrest Muhammad discuss and debate the worldwide effects the Injustice System of America. The constant attack on Black, Brown and Red People by the Prison Industrial Complex around the globe.

An in-depth analysis of the social economical benefits to the controlling society keeping Black, Brown and Red People oppressed through the Unlawful Imprisonment of the bravest, boldest and smartest members of Melaninated Underclass. From 1868 to present day this government has done everything in it’s power to return the Blacks, Browns and Reds to the plantation. So they allowed the “prison lease back to the plantation program,” that allowed newly freed slaves to be incarcerated for minor offenses such as loitering, sleeping in public, eye balling a white person and a thousand of other made up nonsense in order to return them back to the plantation. Now in this modern era we have the “school to prison pipeline!” By underfunding urban school systems and removing extracurricular actives, the youth have no vision and where there is no vision the people perish. 

After over 500 years of slavery, rape, lynching, bio-chemical genocide. After further depression of the Black, Brown and Red educational institutions and financial underpinnings through jim crow and bias legislation.  After stealing and renaming almost every scientific, mathematical and artistic advancements made by Our People. The white man’s last nail in the coffin is rigged trails and unjust prison sentences. Still we rise to remove the scales from Our People’s eyes. So that we will see this devil for whom he really is: Public Enemy Number One, with a bullet.

Come join into the discussion. Weather you agree or disagree, bring you’re a Game and let’s break the chains of mental slavery.