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This program is aimed towards the new generation of progressive young intellectuals of all races, sexes and creeds. This show will be our platform to address the issues important to our generation! The topics of this show will range from politics, to music, relationships, education and much much more. Please join our show for intelligent conversation & debate. Together we can make a change!

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in light of the whole Charles Hamilton situation, in which he was punched in the face on camera by his girlfriend, is it ever ok to hit a female back after she hits you? Obviously, charles hamilton showed restraint and didn't hit his girlfriend... more

The house negro vs. the field negro, the rich black vs. the poor black, the educated black vs. the uneducated black. These were all issues existed during slavery, and they are most definitely as issue today. Are these some of the... more

i'm sick of the fools on BTR still debating whether or not President Obama is black or not. Can you believe this? I am totally shocked. first of all, why does it matter? And second of all, if Obama would have been alive during slavery in... more

2 Negroes Are trying to Stop Obama From Being President The growing legal battle against President-elect Barack Obama's presidency is heading to the U.S. Supreme Court this week. The justices will decide whether or not to look into a... more

Illinois Gov. Blagojevich arrested, accused of 'corruption crime spree' over appointment. But this isn't the first time a politician has gotten caught red handed. Lets look at some of the most crooked politicians in U.S. history

Tonight I will read chapter four and five of the narrative of Frederick Douglass, and afterwords we will have a discussion of the chapter. and then I will open up the lines for any discussion related to the latest news from President Obama.

Will the extraordinary weight put on the shoulders of President Barack Obama to solve the problems of black American lead to the death of his presidency? Or do you think President Barack Obama is beyond just focusing on the issues of... more

So, right wing nuts have started to call for inquiries into whether or not Obama is a natural born citizen, they claim his birth ciritificate is false. They say the constitutions says Obama cannot become president. And there are other myths... more

It's hilarious; Obama hasn't even been sworn in yet and already people are complaining about his decisions. Let's talk about it...call in, I will let you speak your mind and won't kick you off air like other hosts.. Are you mad at Obama for... more

Why are older blacks so out of touch with the younger black generation? There is a serious problem within the black community regarding older black folks underestimating and stereotyping younger black men and woman. Am I the only... more