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mystery babylon, bill cooper

Mystery Babylon Series

Today is October the 13th and we are paying our respects to those who wish to suppress the Order once again! Thank you Bill Cooper, your research is fabulous, and illuminating!

Is-Ra-El has been a New World Order focal point for more than a century. Someone very close to me calls it "The Cradle Of The Beast." While her, nor I, nor Nick are religious, this is a very accurate description. Due to recent... more

Jonathan and Nick will be taking callers all throughout the show. We will be mainly covering current affairs and some minor breakthroughs in our research.

Karl is a what we would call an expert in the economic and financial world. He has become very active in revealing the scope of the Fed, Congress, and the banking cartel. Listen and you might learn something. His youtube channel is... more

You hear that you dupes!!!! 700 billion dollars of your money is going towards bailing out additional financial institutions that have always been put in place for enslavement. The same benefactors who brought you the Federal Reserve... more

Disney movies generally have esoteric meanings along with subliminal mind control messages. Walt Disney himself was a 33rd degree freemason among other things. Bill Cooper does a wonderful job explaining the... more

Were going to continue this lecture naming more individuals who are SMOM(Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta)and what these people's agendas are(world wide socialism in a godless world)Their perfect utopia!

On June 28th, Bill Cooper discussed the Oklahoma City bombing as well as sharing a prophetic message based off CNN(Communist News Network) ability to interview Osama Bin Laden although the intelligence agencies supposabley... more
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