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Talking about the black communities problems and their solutions!

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Tonight we will be discussing the makings,happenings,and avoidance of the nigga moment.We cant talk about building until we confront the thousand pound elephant in the room. Call in and tell us your thoughts and solutions.

Tonight Black Aristotle will have a lil surprise for ya. So if your interested and want to be apart of it tune in turn on and DON'T COP OUT!! We will also be discussing various other topics. From the latest news to technology.

Do you think racism or classim is a major issue in the u.s? Concisdering the lack of power blacks have in this country. What should be the main focus when it comes to these 2 issues.

Tonight we will be talking about the differences in vigilante justice and supposed regular and warranted justice here in the united snakes. Considering the way this country was built and do you believe there can ever be a right form a justice?... more

Why are black movies lacking in support? Do you believe if blacks supported more black directors or tried to become directors. Would hollywood be forced to change its mainstream image of negativity towards anything Afrikan? Do you... more

Tonight we will be discussing race relations and the elders of black people. Do you think the elders have done enough to help pave the way for this generation? Should we keep letting our own die in order to hopefully come across those very... more

We have to stop focusing our energy on a secret society that really aren't so secret. Not every celebrity that dies,died at the hands of some mystery organization. We as a people need to be focusing on our condition and not an... more

Tonight its whatever you wanna get off your chest.Whether its about the kids or the wife.Even if the husband or boyfriend is acting up,You got a new car?Tell us about it.You have a great concern?Tell us about it.

:Give an apple to the teacher for mediocrity: In our next show we will be discussing education.Do you think that black youth and or people as a whole benefit off of whats being taught to us in these schools?Do you think there needs... more

Do you believe reality tell-lie-vision does any kind of service to black men and women? We will be looking at how the media plays a pivotal role in the black mans social bearing and black womens social bearing.We will also... more