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Talking about the black communities problems and their solutions!

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Today we interview the creators of Jupiter Strong, Kelly Abel and Frank Edwards. Jupiter Strong is a childrens book with a black family. Finally we have something black children can look at and see themselves in. We keep complaining... more

What is it, that makes certain black people think everyone is for them? Have black people actually benefited off of thinking everyone is there friend? Why can other groups of people. Be about themselves first and foremost. But black people, the... more

In the wake of the zimmerman trial verdict. Many protests have sprung up around the country. All peaceful protests and marchs at that. Of course we will have those who are paid by "higher powers" to go off the course and "riot" in certain... more

Why now do celebs and people want to talk gun control when we have had shooting in other parts of the country almost daily. Its the new year and yet again the country faces an economic tragedy. Why give a do nothing congress a... more

Hour time is back ready willing and able to answer any questions you have. Tonight will be a Q&A session.Turn on, tune in and dont cop out!!!!

Tonight we will be talking with a special guest. Who has been putting in work on the behalf of black people. He wants to wake us up and save the savable, and i think thats what is needed. We can no longer try and save those who willfully... more

Back and still black. Tonight on our come back show,we`ll be discussing political parties and their donors. Do people actually know who`s donating to their favorite dog in the show? Or are they gleefully ignorant to who actually influences... more

In this episode we will have a topic about are Men getting their rights stripped away in the US? Who is more logical Men or Women? Will there be a Female President in the future? If so, how will most men take this? and what signs does... more

Here we discuss the popular reality show Love and HipHop ATL and discuss rather or not if the show is hoaxed or scripted and our views on the show and how it depicts the men and women on there. Also we discuss why the newport... more

Tonight we have health and wellness program with a couple of guess gurus and we will also have a comedy club segment where you can get your laugh on.