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Welcome u all, to a,Powerful!Realest! some say controversy talk show on the radio.I am your host Blackisrael96, Here me every friday now from 630pm-700pm check showtime follower me on facebook at israelblack37.and blogtalkradio. Too listens in call 646787-8052or online. Talk shows about heavy and deep issue.Blackisrael96 going to talk about topics,that radio HOST! afraid to touch on. Blackisrael96 will discuss those topics,with no hold bar!!I will speak,the true and straight from my mind,NO sugar coated.To many time we, as people try to please others and not telling the true!!and fact!!The true hurt, a lot of people . I am going to bring it hard and powerful! just 30min. of your time, until FCC shut the AIR WAVE down!!lol!Plese catch not only my show,but my archives shows, i will be live bring you powerful topics!ALL is welcome to listen in. Please dont miss it.Follower me on blogtalkradio.com/blackisrael96 or facebook at israelblack37 look for the star picture and twitter at blackisrael96 Thank you all for listening . And u hater u keep hating!!LOL!! because my WORDs is like a sword, on the AIRWAVE!! My Fans, Peace and LOVE,May MOST HIGH GOD be first in your LIFE.Hot topic this friday 03/16/2018bible study !,you ,dont want to miss it!!

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Shalom brothers and sisters ,welcome to another powerful show ,to listen in follower me here, or go to facebook at israelblack37 or call 646787-8052 to listen in to the show. This evening we will be breakdown the true meaning,of the PASSOVER ,your churches and your pastors ARE MOT TEACHING THE TRUE,when dealing with the PASSOVER, your bootleg pastors ,done , gave you damn, EASTER EGGS DAMN BUNNIES and all these misguiding illusion, as well false religion and false teaching.So jOIN your brother Blackisrael96 for a powerful teaching of true mean of the PASSOVER, AND what was CHRIST part and meaning as well our hebrew israelities ancestors that were in bondage in EGYPT. SHALOM , WE GOT NEXT!
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Shalom brothers and sisters worldwide ,welcome to another BlackisraelNationTalkRadioShow ,to listen this friday, at 630pm-700pm and call 646787-8052 to listen or at facebook at israelblack37 then click the page.This... more

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Shalom BROTHERS AND SISTERS of the true, we have a powerful show this evening , iwant thank everyone for joimimg us .To listen you can call 646787-8052 to listen in by phone or you listen on facebook at israelblack37 and click the... more

Shalom brothers and sisters welcome to another blackisrael nation talk radio show,to listen call 646787-8052 or israelblack37 on facebook ,tonight we will talk about the power of prayer something,some brothers and sisters take for... more

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Truth day of Sabbath in this is show will be reveal in the bible . SHALOM BROTHERS AND SISTERS YOO ANOTHER POWERFUL BLACKISRAEL TALK RADIO ,AM YOUR HOST BLACKISRAEL96 ,TOO LISTEN IN call 646787-8052... more
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