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SOS: They're Killing Dark People. Racist, prisons, bad schools, politicians, NWO

  • Broadcast in Education
Shaka Blaka * Hotep Kenyatta

Shaka Blaka * Hotep Kenyatta


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THEY'RE KILLING DARK PEOPLE.  Yes the same elite killers are killing some pink and anglo people also, but disporportionately they have their weapons set on KILL DARK PEOPLE and steal everything from the.

There is a global war on darker humans. Why? They have ideas (songs, dances, inventions) that the elite want to control. They often live on land that has natural resources (oil, gold, diamonds, ) that the same elite want to control.  Dark humans have, since the time of Alexander the Great, been under attack.  Why don't non-dark people care? Various reasons, mostly selfishness, they benefit to varying degrees. The average non-black is on a serf level, not as low as the darker slaves, so the whiter/lighter humans do not want to be slaves.  Additionally, some lighter humans have never been taught real History, that they too are from Africa (Alkebulan).  Many religions created the lie that darker humans were INFERIOR, as a way to help the world's elite create slavery.    So this is an SOS for Dark humans.  Does anyone hear the SOS. And if so DO YOU EVEN CARE? 


Maybe NO ONE else heard this and/or cared.  If not, it is my wish that at least one alien in space may hear this, see the disproportionate levels of blood and dreams from darker humans that is spilled, and come to our rescue.   :-(